Gingham Dress For Sunrise

What a wonderful morning we had today. Before we headed to breakfast, we stopped for few pictures in Old Salem. It was really early and my hair was not completely dry. I really don't like to mess with the blow dryer when the weather is hot, but my hair respond ok with natural air.
We love the warm sun in the morning or late afternoon. It is great for pictures and the weather is best around that time of the day, and for a bright morning like this, I decided to wear a lots of pink. So far, I am enjoying this girly and colorful outfit. It just makes me smile even more.
Gap gingham dress, Peruvian belt, Louboutin Espadrilles, RayBan sunglasses, Belizian bracelets and Target clutch.


  1. You have the happiest, sunniest disposition!



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