Outfit with huaraches

And for those days when the pedicure is not quiet perfect, but the weather is too hot for closed shoes, that's exactly the time when these Pre-Columbian inspired sandals come very handy. Beside being practical and cute, huaraches can be very comfortable. 
Have you given them a try?

LBD With Statement Pieces

How to style a biker vest

I have this old jersey tube dress that I have been keeping in the back of my wardrobe thinking maybe one day I would wear it again. A few days ago, I finally decided to pair it with a couple of my personal statement pieces such as a cotton biker vest (after my tailor removed the sleeves) and my favorite cage sandals, … and voilà, my dress is back to life.

Wearing Nautical To a Vineyard

What to wear to a vineyard

Our Memorial Weekend started with a visit to Raffaldini Vineyards here in North Carolina, and for the occasion I decided to wear nautical colors with a nude colored floppy hat. The weather was wonderful, so after wine tasting we went for a long walk through the vineyard. 
I hope you have a safe Memorial Day.

Printed Shorts, Stilettos And Masculine Shirt

How to style shorts with heels

This Tuesday, I felt like wearing pumps with printed shorts, I knew my shorts had an appropriate length to wear with stiletto heels, however I needed a masculine touch to tone down this daring look. So I decided to wear a man-inspired shirt with oxford stripes to find the balance my outfit needed.

Beating The Monthly Blues With Florals & Flats

Floral dress street style

This is one of those days that I just want to sit in front of my TV wearing my stretchy pants and forget that there is a world out there. But, I had enough of letting the monthly monster steal valuable days of my life. So here I am wearing this easy fit floral dress (no belt, I feel too bloated…lol) and my adorable pointy flats to go for a late brunch. Flowers always cheer me up! 
Now, tell me about you. How do you fight your monthly blues…if any?

Did You Bring Your Sneakers???

How to wear coral

For the latest mini road trip to one of our nearest mountains, I decided to wear my most comfy and practical booties. There I was, all happy and confident about my cute outfit and a few minutes later down the road my boyfriend had to ask "Did you bring your sneakers?" Hello Debbie Downer!!!!


Graphic tee street style

"No school day without a Chiquita banana?" I can agree with that, however others might prefer an apple. Anyway, yesterday I decided to bring to daylight my vintage and favorite t-shirt and I paired it with a Peruvian ethnic sash to keep things with a Latin vibe.

Meet Carbinia, My New Cage Sandals

Outfit with cage sandals

Yesterday I had the opportunity to enjoy for first time this chic pair of sandals, which had been on my wish-list since I tried them on ( Instagram) at the store about 4 months ago. They finally came down with the price and as a Mother's Day present to myself, I decided to end the long wait. 

Metallic With Tribal

How to style a metallic top

As I mentioned before, I have been embracing the metallic trend (more here) for several months now. So today, I am sharing with you a look that I wore earlier in the week. This time I combined a gold sweatshirt with a couple of tribal handmade accessories and once again my vintage Coach bag. I can't help it,  I find it extremely versatile and chic.

Gardening With Overalls and Biker Boots

Overall with biker booties

Ok, when you read the word "gardening" next to "overalls" it makes perfect sense, but when the next word is "biker," maybe not so much. Well, I'm not talking about heavy duty gardening here…I'm talking about pretty flowers already placed in a neat pot and ready to hang in my front veranda. And for that, I can get away with wearing a pair of suede biker boots with my 80s Levi's overall (also worn here with espadrilles). No dirty hands or messy knees here; just a casual outfit and a happy smile after finding the perfect flowers for my house.
Next time you wear your overalls, I invite you to try them with biker boots. It's not such a bad idea.

Global Style

Blogger with versatile style

An Indian dress (also worn here) and a Guatemalan bracelet was the combination I wore yesterday to visit Bethabara Park here in Wisnton Salem, NC. If you've followed my blog for a while, you will have noticed that I often wear ethnic pieces from around the world. These particular combos are a very important characteristic of my personal style and worn mainly around the warmer months of the year.
It's funny that every day when I look at my wardrobe, instead of asking myself, "What I am going to wear today?", I ask, "What I am going to mix today?"
Well, I hope you like my blend.

Bohemian Señorita

Outfit with large sun hat

Today, my boyfriend and I celebrate our fourth anniversary and since all started on Cinco de Mayo, I decided to wear this vintage Mexican-inspired skirt for an early celebration this past Thursday.

"How To Wear Ballet Flats Without Looking Basic"

Weekend style with denim shorts

What I Wore In April

This is a recap of my outfits from April. Thanks so much for your visits, comments, likes and shares! They are all tremendously valuable to me and my blog. 


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