It's Time For Tartan!

How to wear tartan plaid

I love tartan plaid as much as I do gingham, however, I tend to wear tartan more often around fall and winter months.
 Labor Day is almost here and so the end of this summer, therefore, it's time to introduce tartan plaid (skirt also seen here) in my outfits again. The weather is still warm here in North Carolina, so a lightweight t-shirt and summery sandals were the most appropriate items to wear with this thick fabric skirt.


Happy weekend and Labor Day!

Cobalt Blue With Black

How to wear black and blue

This cobalt blue dress has made its appearance in this blog (herehere and here) quite a few times. The color, fabric and style makes it so easy to wear and pair with pretty much any color. This time I opted to wear it a little more dressy and simple. I paired with my favorite black shoes and a classic quilted bag.

Say Something, I'm Giving up on You

Outfit with gingham shirt

I wasn't planning to wear this trendy asymmetric skort from Zara again. I know many of you remember how popular this piece became among bloggers and fashionistas last year. I ended up giving in and purchasing two in different colors.
 Yesterday, I was doing a little closet clean-up and came across it. I couldn't help the temptation to try it on again. Before I knew it, I was putting on one of my favorite shirts and classic colorful pumps with it.
I guess I'm not ready to give it up.

Little White Dress

White dress street style
To me a LWD is as important as a LBD. Agree?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

Suede Investment

Life is too short, buy the suede pumps.

From left to right:

Center row from left to right:

Bottom row from left to right:

13. Ivanka Trump

I'm a strong believer in investing, when it's possible, in classic shoes and mainly when they come in versatile colors, and perhaps suede pumps with clean lines aren't the exception. I have noticed from the last couple of years that suede pumps are becoming very popular, however, today I finally took my time to navigate the internet and admire several styles. I own pumps with different leather finishes, but I don't recall owning a pair of classic stiletto pumps in suede.
So far, these are my favorites from a few designer brands.

Soy un firme creyente en invertir (cuando se puede) en zapatos clásicos y sobre todo cuando vienen en colores versátiles, y por ejemplo los tacones de gamuza no son la excepción. Me he dado cuenta desde el último par de años que los tacones de gamuza se están convirtiendo muy populares, sin embargo, hasta hoy me di la oportunidad de navegar a través del Internet para buscar algunos estilos. Yo tengo tacones con diferentes acabados de cuero, pero no recuerdo poseer un par de estiletes clásicos de gamuza. 
Hasta el momento, estos son mis favoritos de algunos diseñadores.


Polka Dots and Converse Kicks

Sporty Trend

Today I combined a pair of polka dot drawstring pants with my new favorite sneakers. I personally believe that sporty looks can be so much fun and mainly when you have the day off and feel like strolling around town or even shopping.

La Mariniére

Nautical Look

I'm back with a nautical look and this time with a playful overload of stripes. 


I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far.

Sergeant Magenta

Outfit with camouflage print

I could have given myself a higher rank than sergeant, but since I'm a newbie wearing this color, I'll stay humble. 
In a previous post (see it here), I wore these colored pumps with a gingham shirt and white jeans in order to add a pop of color. This time, the concept is pretty much the same, but besides adding color to this Fall-like look, they also give a feminine touch to my military inspired blouse.

Southern Rain

Hunter boots street style

Nothing is more cozy than a rainy summer day! And when the weather is around the 60's, even better.
I finally had an excuse to wear Hunter boots again, but this time I opted for my snake print pair in order to bring a little bit of wildness to a girly coral dress

Harmless Python

How to wear snake print

Here I'm again with my white comfy boyfriend jeans (also worn here) and this time they are complimenting a wild snake print.
In this opportunity, I decided to keep my look neutral and easy on the eye, but later in the evening, I put on a pair of bright orange heels to go out for dinner and drinks.


I hope you are having a fun Sunday.

Leopard and Tropical Prints

Mixed patterns outfit

Once again, I'm sharing with you another mixed prints look. I really enjoy to play around with patterns and I hope you don't get tired of seeing see these type of combos in my blog. I feel very comfortable and confident wearing mixed prints and it's almost impossible for me to stay away from them.


I hope you have a wonderful Friday!!!

Modern Retro the Sporty Way

Outfit with Converse sneakers

I love to wear sporty looks mainly when I hang out with my youngest sons. Yesterday, my youngest son and I decided to go for lunch and talk about the things we need to get done before he moves away for college. For the occasion, I decided to wear a couple new acquisitions, like my Dr. J (70s) re-issue Converse sneakers and a vintage polka-dot visor found on Etsy.
My son complimented my outfit and that was the only approval that I needed.

Paint Splatter and Snow Leopard

Printed pants street style

Here I'm again messing with prints! And I didn't want to end the day without sharing with my readers my Monday morning mix. It was a little chilly early in the morning, so I decided to wear a thin black v-neck pullover to stay warm and also to balance my patterns bonanza. 

I hope you have had a productive Monday.

A Pop of Magenta

Outfit with magenta shoes

As I mentioned earlier (here) in the week, I was planning to wear my gingham shirt more than once this week. This past Thursday I decided to wear it again, but this time with my favorite style jeans and a pair of bright pumps.
Magenta or purple-like colors aren't  common colors in my wardrobe, but lately I'm feeling more attracted to them and especially if worn in small doses. I'm planning to wear these magenta colored shoes more often since they can bring fun to a monochromatic look like this one or add more color to a bright and preppy ensemble.
I hope you have a colorful and fun weekend.

What I Mixed in July!

Fashion blogger outfits

"Time goes fast when you are having fun," someone said, and I completely agree with that statement. I can't believe it's time again for my mixes monthly recap, which I'm happy to share with you in case you have missed one look or if you prefer to see it all in one post.


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