The One With The Polka Dots

Outfit with polka dots midi dress

I don't know if you agree with me, but I consider the polka dot print the most feminine out there. The word "polka" itself derives from the Polish for "Polish woman"--in Czech, it translates to "little woman or girl.
Now, we can pair our polka dots with a leopard print to add a hint of wild side and a men's belt for a masculine touch.

Silver Oxfords and Military Coat

Outfit with silver shoes

Metallic shades will always be in my wardrobe and they are not just a trend for me. They are a chic way to bring some sass to many of my outfits. Yesterday, I dragged my silver oxfords out of my wardrobe and decided to take them for brunch and a walk to town. I wanted to be comfortable and warm, so I opted for a military inspired long coat over my preppy striped shirt and my raw hem "girlfriend jeans"

Sailing The Pumpkin Patch

Nautical outfit

Last year because of the rainy weather, I wore a pair of Hunter boots and a bucket hat in order to be weather appropriate at the pumpkin patch (see the look here). This year the weather was completely the opposite, and for the occasion, I wore one of my favorite styles. WHAT? Nautical at a pumpkin patch? Sure!!!

Forest Green with Black + Vintage Corduroy Men's Jacket

Outfit with corduroy jacket

Here I am again, playing with a vintage men's garment! However, this time it's not about jeans, it's all about this corded velvet jacket, which the style was so popular back in the 1970s. I believe I've never shown in this blog a forest green and black combo, so I figured I would wear this jacket for first time in this chic combo.
By the way, these pictures were taken at Raffaldini, which is one of our favorites vineyards of Yadkin Valley in North Carolina.

Gold, Teal, Black and White + Levi's 554 Men's Jeans

How to wear men inspired jeans

Lately, I've been looking for interesting styles of jeans to pair with all my stilettos. And per example, a few days ago while shopping at a vintage store in Asheville, I curiously looked through a rack of men's jeans and I immediately found myself attracted to this particular pair. They reminded me of the ones Marilyn Monroe used to wear with flats and skin-tight blouses. 
I love this shade of teal, and the gold color of the blouse makes the teal looks even more vibrant. I also wore black and white animal inspired accessories, in order to give this look a wild and yet neutral touch.

The Velvet Blazer

Outfit with velvet blazer

A velvet blazer isn't definitely a daily wear type of garment, however when I feel like wearing something a little different and yet distinctive, I can always reach for this smooth operator. In order to showcase some contrasting textures and patterns, I decided to wear my very favorite gingham shirt, a pair of worn out boyfriend jeans and classic suede pumps.

Modern Spaghetti Western

Bohemian look with a poncho

This past Wednesday, my boyfriend and I headed to Pilot Mountain in NC to enjoy the beautiful view and also to take some photos for the blog. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw the sneak peek of this photo shoot. We had a wonderful and quiet time. The weather was perfect, so we enjoyed a brief walk through the woods while we contemplated Mother Nature and at the same time, we were able find neat places for pictures.
For the occasion, I decided to sport this vintage poncho with Southwestern pattern. Now, let's get this straight, I love Clint Eastwood and all his Spaghetti Western movies, but that doesn't mean that I want to recreate their looks. The last thing I want to do, is to wear this Southwestern poncho with boots and a wide brim hat. I'm pretty sure that style is already taken by "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"…lol.  I truly believe that a pair of brogues and a leopard bag were less costume-y and more modern choices for my cozy poncho.

Red Leather Skirt

Red leather skirt street style

Since the moment I saw this skirt hanging on a rack at a local boutique, I knew I could give it plenty use. The fit is simple, the color is fun and the leather is vintage; therefore soft. I was lucky to be able to a sweet piece like this.

Oversized Blazer, Plaid Shirt and Raw Hem Jeans

Oversized blazer street style

I certainly enjoyed mixing all these fun pieces and I also enjoyed wearing them throughout the day, because they were comfortable and appropriate for the weather. And by the way, if you have followed my blog since last autumn, then you will recognize my oversized blazer
Details such as its man-inspired fit and glen plaid pattern puts this blazer on the timeless rack of my wardrobe, therefore, I'll be wearing it for years to come.
There are so many ways we can wear an oversized blazer and yesterday, I paired it with another plaid piece and a pair of fun raw hem jeans, which by the way, was a DIY job.

Fair Isle Scarf

Retro deer printed wool scarf

In my latest trip to Asheville, I stopped by my favorite vintage shop (Honey Pot) and found this fair isle retro scarf. As soon I touched it, I immediately felt like I wanted to snuggle with it by a fire place. Well, next thing I knew, the scarf was getting wrapped and placed in my shopping bag.
In this road trip, I wasn't planning on taking pictures for the blog, but on our way back, we found this cute fruit and vegetable stand at the side of the road, so we decided to stop and buy some goods and also take some pictures. I pulled the thick and cozy scarf out of my shopping bag (I know, is not winter yet) and I wrapped it over my neck. I instantly noticed some pattern bonanza going on, but I thought it looked cute, since the patterns are in the same color family.
Oh well, I hope you all enjoy this spontaneous photo shoot.

A 70's Flare

70s Fashion Trend

It's time for the Autumn fair and in this opportunity, a 70's inspired look was what I chose to wear to enjoy the entertainment. Can a grown-up have some fun? 

Coated Jeans

Outfit with coated jeans

If I have to choose one outfit to live in all this autumn, I would go for this one. Everything about this look is comfortable (including the heels), chic (to my eyes) and wearable. By the way, this is the first time you see me wearing this pair of wax-coated jeans, and, it's because they were a recent acquisition. While shopping for a pair of leather pants, I came across this particular pair. I immediately loved the way the material felt (I have no idea why I didn't try this fabric before?) and also the care instructions were way more easier and cheaper than the leather pants at the store. Well, here I'm loving them!! I bought them one size larger, because I personally prefer a looser fit with shiny pants and besides, at my age it won't hurt to tone down the sexiness part a little bit…lol.

Kick off Your Heels…

Weekend Fall Outfit

Today is Sunday! Even our feet need a rest. 

Snow Leopard Pumps

Outfit with black and white leopard shoes

This is my first look of October and it's all about my snow leopard pumps. I've found the perfect shoes to add more fun and spice to my outfits. I'm really thrilled with this particular pair, because besides their  classic print, they also fit perfectly around my heel area. I'm always looking for brands that make shoes narrow-heel friendly. The gap in the back of my shoes has always been a problem for me, so when I find shoes that fits decently around my heels, I stick with their brands.

What I Mixed in September

Outfits with leopard print

This September was very fun fashion-wise, because  of the fluctuation of the weather. I had the opportunity to wear ensembles appropriate for summer and fall, therefore, more opportunity for variety.


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