70's Bohemian In Wine Country

The 2015 harvest time in North Carolina has begun and so has the cooler air in the late afternoons. I get very excited around this time of the year, not only because the weather is turning more enjoyable, but because I love to visit our local vineyards with my boyfriend and enjoy a juicy glass of wine while watching the harvest in progress. 
In this opportunity we visited Raylen Vineyards, located about 40 minutes from our home. For the occasion, and of course for my Wine Country Style series photo shoot, I decided to sport a 1970's inspired look. 
As I said before, I love put a bohemian touch to my looks every time I visit a vineyard, and this time wasn't the exception. I decided to wear one of my widest flare jeans with my red velvet Dolce & Gabbana sandals (thrifted), which by the way, the velvety material is trending big time this fall. Hey, there's nothing wrong with getting ahead with trends, right? After all and regardless of trends, these type of sandals can bring a sultry and fun touch to any look at any time of the year.
Rich hues, fringed pieces and retro prints are very important when wearing a 70's inspired ensemble, so I didn't hesitate in putting together items within those characteristics.
Almost everything that I'm wearing in this particular look comes from second hand or vintage stores. The only new things purchased from new is my bag and hat, which added an updated touch to my outfit.

If you like to dress fun regardless of your style, I invite you to join the hashtag #DRESSFUN. Use it in all your ootds, layouts or anything fashion in your Instagram feed. We all can make this hashtag a fun place to browse and also a great source of inspiration.

#DRESSFUN With a Skinny Scarf and A-Line skirt

Skinny neck scarf street style

Lately, I have seen tons of A-line skirts on the runway and on fashionistas all over the world. I guess this classic style started trending again and with that thought in mind, I went to my wardrobe and pulled out a couple A-line skirts from past seasons.
 I've had this particular black skirt for a few years now and I've wanted to replace it for a more structured piece and with a better craftsmanship, but before I retire it from my wardrobe, I decided to have some fun with it by styling it with some statement pieces. There is a lot going on with this look, however everything was coordinated in order to create a neat and organized maximalist look.
 I love to use leopard print as a warm touch to some of my cool colored outfits. In my opinion, it brings an interesting contrast, as this particular blouse did with this look.
I know you've probably seen this scarf sash on my neck before . It belongs to a vintage dress, however, I continue to have fun wearing it as scarf instead of a sash. 
And last but not least are the mixed prints going on between the blouse and scarf. It's hard for me to think about having extra fun with a look without involving mixed patterns.

If you like to dress fun regardless of your style, I invite you to join the hashtag #DRESSFUN. Use it in all your ootds, layouts or anything fashion in your Instagram feed. We all can make this hashtag a fun place to browse and also a great source of inspiration.

Take a Little Trip With Gingham Pants

How to wear gingham pants

With a small wardrobe, comes creativity, therefore fun. I know you have seen these pants before in this blog, but those aren't the only times I wore them (as all my pieces). I can't count how many times these adorable gingham pants have been a part of many of my outfits. And as most of the items in my wardrobe, I try to mix and match constantly, in order to create different looks. By the way, check out a few more looks with these pants herehere and here
Today, I decided to give them a 1960's biker style by wearing them with a slick pair of Chelsea boots, a biker vest, oversized sunglasses and black and white accessories. Now, I just need a real biker to take me for a ride.
I must admit, I really love the way these cropped pants look with my booties. They make a great combo and they also make me feel really chic ;-)

If you like to dress fun regardless of your style, I invite you to join the hashtag #DRESSFUN. Use it in all your ootds, layouts or anything fashion in your Instagram feed. We all can make this hashtag a fun place to browse and also a great source of inspiration.

A Tomboy Way To Wear Mary Janes

How to wear Mary Janes

First thing I'm going to say is: Thank goodness for vintage!!! I've been looking for the right bright red shoe for casual looks, but I never imagined that I was going to find them in a Mary Jane style.
 I'm a fan of Prada shoes (on sale, of course) and I've been drooling all over those images of their sweet Mary Janes from their Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection since Spring. So, as soon I saw these shoes I knew they had to be mine. The price was like "hello, we're almost free" and the condition almost mint, despite their age. Now that I have my own affordable vintage (1960's) version of Prada shoes, it's time to put them to good use.
This is the first time wearing them, so in order to create a fun juxtaposition with these girly shoes, I wore them with a pair of cropped raw hem jeans and a boyish plaid shirt.
You see, I managed to stay away from looking like a school girl on her way to class or like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz, following the yellow brick road…lol.

Flares With Flair

Flare jeans street style

There're so many ways that you can style your flare jeans and one of my favorite ways to wear them with long tops or tunics. I feel like the combination of long tops with long flared jeans and heels make me look taller and that is always a plus for a 5'4 gal like me.
I love flared jeans, but not as much, as my boyfriend jean styles, however, I always find the way to make them to work without compromising my confidence.
In this opportunity, I opted for wearing a navy button-down shirt slightly tapered to the body with my light-wash flares. I really liked the combo -- simple, yet fun to wear.
 As you notice, this is almost an all-blue ensemble, therefore a small warm touch was a good idea and what better than a pair of slick leopard heels to do the job.

Pastels In The Air

Summer is sneaking away and with that fact in mind, I chose this outfit with the mindset of knowing that I have certain pieces that I have to wear now, while the days are still warm. You probably already started thinking about Autum fashion. I know I have been, but I'm also thinking about giving my summery pieces their last mileage for this year.
Today's look is something that I would wear around Spring time, but last week, I wanted to break any fashion tendency and decided to wear this shift dress with a bonanza of pastels all around.
 In order to let the pastel colors and floral prints pop, I wore a bag and heels with nude hues, however,  I needed a small touch of a strong contrast. Therefore, I decided to wear a scarf with similar but more intense colors. As you can see, there is subtle pattern mixing going on here, which make things even more fun.
Whether you like to keep your wardrobe full of bright colors or prefer to stick with basics you might want to consider adding small doses of pastels. Soft hues are timeless, therefore, you can wear them year after year with the neutrals or bright colors in your wardrobe. If you are playful enough, you can also wear them around the cold weather months.

Polka Dot Midi Dress With High-Top Sneakers

As a sneakers lover, I've found many ways to incorporate them into my lifestyle. I wear low-cut styles when I run dirt trails or I workout, however, for my regular outfits I tend to reach more for high-top styles. Let's face it, sneakers aren't everyone's cup of tea, but for me they're indispensable. Nowadays, you can find terrific leather styles that can be worn with most of our wardrobes, including dressy pieces. For example, in this outfit, I wanted to look feminine, but I had a busy day ahead, so heels weren't an option. I could have worn a pair of classic flats or sandals, but I also saw the opportunity to bring this lady-like midi dress to a whole new level by wearing it with my sneakers. 
Sporty shoe wear for sure can give a neat twist to any dressy or preppy look. 

An All Black Outfit Doesn't Have To Be Boring

How to wear all black

When I decide to wear all-black looks, I tend to feel a little more challenged trying to create a fun outfit. For example, in this look, I had to think twice about how make it fun, yet elegant. I didn't want to add a pop of color, which obviously is the most popular way to add an interesting touch to all-black looks. This time, I wanted something different, so instead of adding a bright color, I opted for putting different textures into the game. The lace, the shiny waxed denim, the braided and quilted leather and the smooth finish of my shoes and bracelet gave to this all black look, a more fun perspective. I had to wear hardware, therefore some gold bling-bling contributed in connecting all of these pieces.

Denim Vest & Striped Pants

Outfit with striped pants

 I own two denim vests, one by Levi's non-vintage and this one, a cute vintage piece with leather details. I find denim vests as important as a denim jacket and, with that in mind, I like to come up with fun looks around them. I love denim with white (who doesn't ) and when there is a classic pattern involved, it's even better. For example, this pair of striped pants that I purchased in early Spring have a crisp yet classic look to them and, by wearing them with a vintage denim vest, I gave them an edgy touch.
I went a little matchy matchy with the leather details of the vest and my shoes. I guess there are things in one's style that can never be avoided because they are a part of you. I always loved the concept of color coordination and it doesn't have to be boring if you use your imagination in making unique combos.


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