Leopard Blouse - Boyfriend Jeans

Can a girl have too much leopard print in her wardrobe? Maybe, but as long as we don't overload an outfit with more than two pieces at a time, I think we're safe. I remember when I was little, I always related leopard print with older folks, but as I grew older I started to develop an appreciation for this print; and not only on clothes but on shoes as well (or maybe I'm just one of those older folks now..lol)
This is a recent leopard blouse purchase that I decided to wear with the biggest boyfriend jeans I have. I might not look sexy with this outfit, but I feel super good in it.

Será posible que una tenga muchos estampados de leopardo en el armario? Posiblemente, pero con tal que no llevemos mas de dos piezas de este mismo estampado en un conjunto...yo creo que estaremos en buena nota.
Cuando yo estaba pequeña siempre relacionaba este estampado con gente de mucha edad, pero con el tiempo aprendí a tener más apreciación por este estampado ( o posiblemente yo soy una persona de mucha edad ahora ja ja ja)
Esta es mi blusa de leopardo más reciente y me la puse con los boyfriend jeans más grandes que tengo. Posiblemente este conjunto no sea sexi, pero me siento super cómoda con el.

Blouse/Blusa: H&M
Jeans/Pantalones de lona: J Brand
Platforms/Plataformas: Frye
Sunglasses/Gafas: Givenchy (70s)
Clutch/Cartera de mano: Target

Leopard blouse boyfriend jeans
Boyfriend jeans street style
Boyfriend jeans street style
Leopard blouse
Boyfriend Jeans Outfit


  1. This is right up my street. Love it.

    1. I am glad you liked it Kristina, I was very comfy all day wearing this.

  2. I love your blog! So great pictures and outfits.
    xo from Berlin

    1. Thanks so much!!! Happy to have visitors from such fashionable place. Xoxo

  3. such a pretty look! i love leopard with blue jeans :)


    Fashion Fractions

    1. Thanks!! I am glad you also love it.



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