A Short Girl's Tricks To Look Taller In White Jeans

May 3, 2019

My friends, I'm that girl!! I'm a type of person who often looks for ways to appear taller or at least not to look shorter. This task becomes even more serious when I have to walk next to my 6'4" hubby. I can honestly look like a key-chain 😂 hanging off his pocket if I don't pay attention on what I wear and how I wear it.

I don't know how tall or short you are, but I do guarantee that none of you want to look stumpy. Yes, I've seen very tall girls looking surprisingly stumpy due to their choices in clothing. I know, I know, you wear what you like...right? but I also know that anyone would appreciate having information on how to wear better what you like. Don't forget that knowledge is power and there's always room for improvement on everything in life...boy do I know!

I know many of you are aware that I love white jeans. I often replace them for more flattering or current styles, but I never impede my wardrobe from having white jeans. I've worn so many white jeans of different styles and with different combinations that I can safely say that I've learned with trial and error 😬 how to wear them better. Today, I decided to post a look that, besides being fun, is also generous with my vertically-challenged frame.
So, how I managed to look taller in these white jeans? Keep reading...

To me the most significant thing is the style of jeans I chose. It has been proved over and over that flare or boot-cut jeans are the most leg lengthening. That being said, I must steer away from the cropped styles if I do want to look taller. I've worn cropped white jeans, because why not? A girl gotta have options! and honestly, I'm still fond of white cropped jeans. Unfortunately, the only way that I can look taller in them, is when I wear them with heels. Now, long flare white jeans are by far more versatile than cropped styles, because I can manage to keep that extended look even if I wear them with short heels or even flat shoes.

If you noticed my jeans don't have the traditional front pockets - they have slant pockets. These jeans are trouser-style which, in my opinion are more lengthening than the regular flared jeans. I just happen to realize this when I tried on these particular jeans for the first time. I detected right away the immense difference that they make...not only with my height but with my width. They have clean front which contributes to a more elegant and elongated look. Having said that, the trouser clean look could have been spoiled if I wore them too tight. So wearing the right sized jeans is very important.

The rise of my jeans is also a crucial factor in this look. Regardless of the wash, high-rise or mid-rise styles are the most body lengthening jeans out there. I could have never achieved this prolonged look wearing low-rise flared jeans.

With this outfit I also used a monochrome approach. Notice that I wore white shoes in order to add an extra lengthening punch to my jeans. It's a fact that monochromatic styling is a short girl's best friend. I tried this outfit with nude and colorful shoes and the overall look was great (which I will wear later) but not as elongating as with white shoes. And of course, It's a no-brainer that wearing heels helped me even more with my technique in appearing taller.

The monochrome styling didn't stop with the shoes. Early in the morning, I needed to wear a jacket and I could have worn any colorful jacket, but instead, I decided to wear my white French work-wear jacket. The jacket, just like my shoes, became an extension of my pants, I really like the suit effect. By the way, I could have also accomplished this look with blazer, cardigan or any other white topper.

So, there you have it, these are the tricks that I used to look taller with white my jeans. But hey, don't forget that walking taller is also an essential thing that you should consider and practice. Nothing is more elegant and lengthener than a chin up, a proud posture and a generous smile.

Jeans: J. Crew/Jacket: Vetra France/Bolero hat: Vintage/Bag: Vintage/Blouse: Vintage/Shoes: Christian Louboutin/Sunglasses: Ray-Ban/Bracelet: Vintage. 


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