Ready-To-Go Airport Style

What to wear to the airport

With the holidays around the corner, I'm sure many of us will be traveling to visit our loved ones or to simply get away. At least for me, the first thing that comes to my mind when traveling by air is what to pack in my luggage, however, I also think about how to travel comfortable as well.
I personally believe a ready-to-go look is a must when traveling by air, due tedious security checks before boarding the airplane.

These are my personal preferences/tips on what to wear to the airport for winter traveling:

- Denim or pants with stretch (mainly for long flights)
-Thin v-neck pullover sweater
- Warm and easy to remove coat with exterior pockets 
-Long and wide scarf 
-A wool fedora (I love the look of it and I cover my face with it when I fall sleep in the plain)
-Oversized metal-free sunglasses
-Easy to remove leather closed toe shoes or boots and I always wear socks (I don't like to travel with open toes or put my bared feet on the ground when checking my shoes)
-Small or medium size headphones 
-Large tote to carry my laptop, camera, phone, beauty pouch and wallet 
-NO JEWELRY (too much hassle)

Urban Sporty on a Rainy Day

We have had pretty sunny Mondays until yesterday. We really encountered some chilly rain that I'm not really fond of. However, that didn't stop us from going for our traditional Monday morning brunch at Mary's Gourmet Diner, located in Winston Salem, NC. Right after breakfast we had to find a safe place from the rain to do our photo shoot and what better than the downtown bus station which is only a few blocks away from the diner. After all, I was dressed urban and casual enough for the busy area.

Polished Bohemian - Flared Jeans with Cashmere Poncho

Flared jeans trend

This past Wednesday, my boyfriend and I decided to visit a couple of local vintage shops and also try for the first time a restaurant in Jamestown, NC (neighbor city) named Southern Roots, and for the occasion I decided to wear a bohemian polished look. In order to accomplish this style the first thing that came to my mind was a pair of flared jeans (thank goodness they are trending again…my hips are loving it), then immediately after, I thought about pairing them with my old and faithful cashmere poncho and a vintage belt. I completed the look with a couple more accessories and voilĂ .

Revamping Old Pieces

Outfit with belted coat

I believe everyone has some type of strategy on how to revamp their wardrobe every season. I personally thought by purchasing a pair of classic ankle boots I would revamp mine, and I certainly did!!! For example yesterday, I walked in to my closet and started looking for old purchases in order to come up with a fun look. So, I ended up with these two pieces (coat by Zara and dress by Missoni for Target) that, by the way, many of you will recognize right away. They both make a strong statement and that's when my ankle boots came along like icing on the cake, by adding a simple touch and updating it.

Simply Chelsea

Outfit with Chelsea boots  I finally found a pretty nice pair of Chelsea boots! They are very simple and their style pretty much timeless, so I hope I'll be able to wear them until they give up on me.
Yesterday, I wore them for the first time and in order to keep the look within the same clean, classic lines of the boots, I decided to wear an oversized turtleneck sweater, pencil leather skirt (also worn here) and for just a little touch of fun, I took my leopard clutch. I didn't wear any jewelry, because despite the simplicity of these pieces, I believe they are a strong statement, so I didn't wanted to add anything else.

Cowboy Boots The Urban Way

Cowboy boots street style

It was time for me to bring to daylight my vintage cowboy boots, but this time instead of pairing them with a flowy dress or denim wear, I decided to wear them with an urban leather-sleeves dress (see how I styled it here and here) and a plaid scarf borrowed from my boyfriend's closet. I love the juxtaposition that creates the western boots with a city-type dress. It was a less expected combo, therefore, I thought it was fun.

The Bow Tie Again!

Outfit of woman with bow tie

The last time I wore a bow tie was last January for my youngest son's birthday (see outfit here), I even had my outfit pictures taken in this exact place. I believe bow ties are a type of accessory that  most women don't tend to wear very often, and I guess it's because many times we relate it with special occasions or even holidays. 
Yesterday, for a visit to a trendy restaurant in town, I decided to pull a "borrowed from the boys" look and as you can see, almost all my pieces are men-inspired, minus the mini-skirt and the clutch.

A Cool Mix

Outfit with leopard and plaid

It's a busy Monday! However, I would love to know what do you think about my mix of the day. Thanks ahead and have a wonderful day ;-)

Fuzzy and Slick

Black and blue street style

I love this combo! Furry on the top and shiny on the bottom.
Happy November Everyone!!! 


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