Sidewalk Fun

Wearing Hunter boots in the snow

My camera man (boyfriend) and I decided to go for a stroll around Old Salem. The snow was still on  the ground from Tuesday's flurries, so we had  I had a little bit of fun making snowballs and throwing them at him. Once again, Hunter boots did their job keeping my feet dry and my puffer vest definitely contributed to my warmth.

Let It Snow!!!!

Hunter boots in the snow

Winters in North Carolina aren't that bad compared to the north part of this country, however, our mountains can be a different story, as they can get snow on regular basis. Today, we didn't need to be in the mountains to enjoy a little bit of snow. The weather surprised the Piedmont-Triad area with snow flurries, therefore, a good  excuse for me to wear my Hunter boots. I layered with few long-sleeve tops under my nautical blazer to stay warm yet light, and also decided to take a classic style quilted bag to match the preppy look of the blazer.

Bohemian Chic

Bohemian Chic

Today I call my look ,chic, because I felt chic all day long. Whether people found it chic or not, I was walking in the street feeling like everyone was loving it…lol (this girl was feeling confident). All right, let's blame these feelings on the bohemian and free-spirited vibe that this look transmitted throughout the day; the wonderful combo that blue and brown made together and the combination of old, new, handmade and vintage pieces.

Double Collar

Double collar outfit

I was heading out for a Dr. appointment wearing only my suede jacket, however, the temperature outside felt colder than the numbers in my weather application. Thankfully I noticed that I left my camel coat in the car and without giving it any thought, I put it on…wow! I immediately realized that I was wearing two pieces with statement collars. I kept it that way all day and I frankly enjoyed this layered look, since the suede jacket collar laid nicely over the camel coat's large lapels and the colors complimented each other. When I returned home I asked my boyfriend to take me right quick a couple of pictures and it was around the golden hours, so the lighting turned out a bit too gold and bright.

A Sunny Black and White

White on white outfit

What better way for fighting the cold weather blues than wearing a bright colored piece with some neutrals. I  personally love the power of yellow, however, I don't have to wear yellow from head to toe (big bird) to get the cheer-me-up benefits. A few pieces of this color usually seems to be enough to make a statement and brighten my day.
How about you? Do you like to wear yellow?

World War II Fashion Influence

Cage Sandals Street Style

It was time again for my wardrobe re-evaluation (you can call it purging) because I realized that my wardrobe has been growing more than expected (mainly shoes). So, I decided to let some things go with the intention to continue keeping my wardrobe small, smart and circulating. While I was going through the re-evaluation process, suddenly a question popped in my head. What would I do if we ever go to war and the money and supplies are limited, like perhaps what happened with many women back in the 1940s? I know my biggest concern will be putting food on our tables, but how long will it take before I start feeling the withdrawal of not being able of purchase anything new to wear? …Probably, not long. 
If you read about women and fashion around WWII (of if you already had), you'll see that women became more creative with the things they had on-hand; they weren't able to purchase new items as often they used to, so in order to stay fashionable, they had to be creative to the point that they would sneak into their husbands wardrobes and find pieces to mix with their own.
We're obviously not at war at least here in the United States, but I want to keep the 1940s women's fashion concept in my mind and every time I start seeing more items in my wardrobe than days available to wear them, I need to stop and re-evaluate again.

By the way, my today's look is inspired by the1940s with, of course, a modern touch.

Borrowed from the boys: The Bow Tie

Woman with bow tie outfit

I love menswear inspired looks (go herehere or here for some of my boyish looks) and for my youngest son's birthday (yeah, both of my sons birthdays were in the same week) I decided to sport a look with a  bow tie (borrowed from their closet). My second son is more in to classic and traditional fashion, therefore every time I go out with him I dress up playful. Funny, but it seems like he appreciates my spontaneous sense of style, which is the opposite of what he likes for himself.
Early that day, I needed to take care some business, so I wanted to dress casual yet appropriate for his birthday dinner later in the night. Denim over denim is pretty much my running errands uniform and by adding a preppy polka dots blazer (also worn here) and heels, I believe I transformed this look from being too casual to semi-casual. The bow tie came as the masculine and playful touch, which actually was my favorite piece from this look.

Modern Mod

Mixed Patterns Outfit

 My today's look is based on the 1960s mod style with a modern touch. This A-line dress with geometric bold patterns and pastel colors seemed to be perfect for the look. Instead of wearing the chunky knee-high boots or square-toed loafers that the gals back in the 60s used to wear, I decided to wear a pair of modern stiletto patent pumps. I also wore a striped turtleneck to continue the patterns' vibe and a lighter fabric coat instead of the sturdy peacoat commonly seen on old 60s looks. And last, but not least, the rose pin and matching jewelry, which added a Chanel-like touch. 

Casual Nautical

Nautical style outfit

Color-blocking on a Warm Winter Day

color block street style

A day like today I was giving birth to my oldest son in Honduras. I remember it was a very warm day and I hardly could walk due all that weight I gained during my pregnancy ;-). I was so scared and yet so excited for bringing a new life to this world. My son is now a man, yes I can proudly say I'm the mother of an all-grown-up man and I am also thankful for his life and all of his achievements.
 Today, the weather was his first birthday gift since it felt like spring time, so dressing up with happy colors was a pretty darn good idea, so I decided to color-block with a bright yellow, teal and black.
I hope everyone have had a wonderful Monday and thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments on my previous posts.

Embracing My Style and Having Fun

Prada pumps

One of the things I have learned about fashion throughout the years is to embrace my individuality. I like to stay up-to-date with fashion trends that works for me, however, I try to add my personal spice to everything I wear. If I respect and follow my personal taste, then I never get bored with fashion. 
Perhaps the other day, I wanted to wear this fuzzy navy sweater with my biker jacket, but, I felt like I needed even more fun for my look. So, instead of wearing neutral colored pants, I decided to wear the coolest and colorful pants I own (vintage of course) and by the way, they received tons of compliments that day. I felt complete from the moment I walked out wearing these tree statement pieces, because I believe this look described exactly my intentions with fashion, and that's FUN.

A Light Dress On A Cold Day

Flower Print Dress Street Style

It has been a little colder than usual here in the southern United States, but that didn't stop me yesterday from wearing my poppy print dress and chunky platform sandals. Since I stayed indoors most of the day, showing off my girly side on a cold day wasn't a huge sacrifice, mainly when comfy shoes like this permitted me to rush from the door to my car and vice-versa and besides, my turtle-neck and wool coat kept my upper body toasty. I decided to add to this look a touch of gold with the belt and the hardware of the bracelet which both ended up matching perfectly with the gold inlay at the bottom of my shoes.

It's All in The Mix

Mixed patterns street style outfit

Mixed patterns have always added a very fun touch to my style. Today, I decided to wear three different patterns, however, if you noticed I'm also wearing three solid color pieces in order to break up the prints a little bit.
 I also tried my best to wear patterns that didn't compete with each other, because they are in different sizes. And last thing I considered with this mix, was keeping the prints in the same color family. I often use contrasting colors when mixing patterns, but I make sure they all have at least one color in common. 
By the way, today I had the chance to wear my new Louboutin Pigalle pumps! I believe my feet are spoiled by Italian made shoes, because they all feel like a dream on my feet. Too bad the prices are so high. 

Ooh La La!!

Louboutin Pigalle 100
Louboutin Pigalle Black

I can't help sharing pictures of these beauties which are actually my Christmas gift from my awesome boyfriend. They arrived a week late (check my instagram for silly video) from Barneys New York, but that was ok for me. I always say"It's never too late for food and shoes"…lol. I feel very fortunate and thankful with my gift and any other gift that my love ones give me regardless of the price. 

My Shoes: Christian Louboutin "Pigalle" 100.  Available here.

Another Fresh New Year is Here…

And I hope it's everything you want it to be!

Y espero que sea un año positivo en tu vida!

Gianvito Rossi Shoes

"Understand that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege. Use it. Dwell in possibility"
Oprah Winfrey.

Fur coat street style
Laser cut skirt


Coat/Abrigo: Vintage
Shirt/Camisa: Current Elliott
Skirt/Falda: Thanks to H&M and
Shoes/Zapatos: Gianvito Rossi
Sunglasses/Gafas: Ray-Ban
Bag/Bolso: Vintage
Jewelry/Joyas: Vintage


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