Preppy for USA!! 4th of July Week

What to wear on the 4th of July

It's almost Independence Day here in the United States and also a great soccer time for USA in the World Cup!!! If you are from this country or live in this country, then it's time to break out your red, white, and blues. I went ahead and wore this patriotic and preppy look last week to go downtown and watch United States soccer game, then, we sealed the evening with a patio dinner.
This week I'll continue cheering for my second home USA (Honduras is already eliminated), so I'll be wearing outfits with patriotic colors all the way to the 4th of July. I'll try my best to share with you pictures.

Tile Print Culottes

Outfit with culottes

Tile prints are becoming very popular this year and so are culotte pants. These type of pants can be tricky to pull it off, mainly when you are not runway model tall. However, by keeping upper part simple and fitted, I believe they can work for every gal regardless of her height. This time I decided to wear them with my Birkenstock sandals (sorry, they are glued on my feet), because the occasion was casual. I think, when culottes are worn with heels they can be even more flattering. In a future opportunity, I'll wear them with heels and of course, I'll share pictures with you.

Hawaiian Floral Print And Metallics

How to style tropical prints

As I mentioned in my last post, I wore this men's Hawaiian shirt twice in one week. So, these are the pictures from the second time I wore it. This time, I decided to mix it with metallic accessories and a raw edge denim skirt to make it more appropriate for a casual night out in downtown. 

Hawaiian Shirt With Wide Leg Jeans

Wide Leg Pants Trend

As I said in this post preview on my Instagram, we don't need to be out of town on a tropical paradise vacation in order to wear our Hawaiian prints. 
Having that tropical vacation mode in mind, however, I decided to wear this vintage Hawaiian shirt (recent purchase) with a pair of comfortable wide legged denim pants to enjoy my own downtown. 

Black and White Gingham

Birkenstocks with gingham plaid pants

Gingham is one of my favorite prints and when it comes in my favorite color combo is even better. I purchased these pants last year, which I've worn before with heels (here) and under a dress here. However, this time I decided to give these pants a more casual look by pairing them with my super comfy Birkenstocks sandals.

Birkenstocks And Lace

Outfit with black Birkenstocks

So here I'm enjoying the Birkenstock trend! And by the way, I recommend the soft footbed instead of the original. I feel like I'm walking on clouds with these sandals.

Dressing Up Denim Shorts

Cutoff shorts street style

I really like denim shorts and it's hard for me to stay away from them around this time of the year. The cool thing about denim shorts is that we can easily dress them up with a couple of polished pieces. For example, the other day for a date night with my boyfriend, I decided to bring my shorts to another level by wearing a pair of dressy ankle strap heels and a lace blouse. I felt dressy enough to dine out and casual enough for some afterward drinks at our favorite bar in downtown.

Cut-Off Bermudas

Bermuda denim shorts

For the days that I don't feel like wearing short shorts, Bermudas come in handy. I really started appreciating the look of this long version of cut-off shorts and mainly when they are worn with nude shoes.

Stripe a Pose!!!

Outfit with striped overalls

I'm back in my railroad striped overalls and this time I paired them with other striped pieces to make things even more fun.
I really like all this bonanza of stripes and also the nautical feel that my red t-shirt and clutch bring to this look.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Tropical Print

How to wear tropical prints

In order to give a palm leaves printed skirt a downtown-chic look, I paired it with a cotton biker vest, which, by the way, has become a statement piece in my wardrobe this Spring.
 I love mixing prints, so why not to add another print to the mix with a snow leopard vintage bag? And last but not least, my metallic wedge espadrilles added bling and even more fun to the look.

Lace, Snake and Oxfords

Outfit with lace and snake print

Let me tell you, I was really doubting about this mix while they were on the hangers, but once I put on all the pieces, I was in love. The high-low lace blouse (also worn here) over a snake print tube dress, besides being a refreshing combo to me, was also comfy. My cut-out summer brogues added even more comfort to my day.

What I Mixed In May

Summer White Outfits
As I said before, every day when I look at my wardrobe, instead of asking myself, "What I am going to wear today?", I ask, "What I am going to mix today?"
So, here I'm sharing a recap with my blends of May. 
Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and for your comments.


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