A Naturally Versatile Wood Watch

Jord Wood Watch

A couple weeks ago, I was approached by Wood Watches By Jord. Wood watches, really? I immediately felt so curious about this product, so I started googling more info about the watches and also more reviews. Then, after reading great things about them, I began to navigate through the website provided by the email offer. I couldn't believe how enamored I felt with almost every single style. I could see myself wearing any of their watches with my bohemian looks and even my nautical ones. If you follow me on Instagram you've probably noticed that I'm somewhat of an outdoorsy person and the fact that these watches are made out of wood really seduced me.
I've been wearing this watch for 4 days now, and so far it has fulfilled all my expectations. Two days ago, I unfortunately got caught in the rain while running errands and I was a little worried about the wood band coloring. I was very impressed by see the colors did not run and the watch was not damaged at all. By the way, this watch is not heavy, it feels as light as my wooden bracelets and that, is a huge plus.
I wanted to mention that I had the band-size adjusted at a jewelry store, and the owner had no problems removing a few links from it. He also made some very positive comments about the quality and craftsmanship of the watch. His professional input made me feel more confident about the watch that I was about present to you.
Why did I choose this particular style among all the great looking what they have? Well, as a color-blocking fan, I found this style very attractive and, as I said before, it's perfect for any of my nautical or bohemian outfits. The style name is Dove in Ebony and Rosewood.

How I Wore My Button Down Shirt

Let me start by saying that yesterday I refused to check on the weather app because I wanted to wear white almost from head to toe. By the time I was almost ready, the rain start pouring, and then a few minutes later all of a sudden the rain stopped. We quickly moved to town to take the pictures before it started raining again and as you can see, my hair didn't get a chance to air dry. I pretty much spent the rest of the day in this outfit, but later in the day I switched shoes (smarter move).

A button-down shirt with boyfriend jeans seems to be a very easy, even boring kind of outfit, however, there are tons of things that we can do in order to spice up this popular look. You can add a statement necklace, a colorful belt or bag or even a scarf. The scarf I'm wearing with this shirt is actually a vintage dress sash, but for some reason I never wore it as intended. In this look, I wanted to play with shades of white and black accents around one of my favorite boyfriend jeans.

Floral Print Maxi Dress & High Top Sneakers

I agree with the famous saying "opposites attract" and I believe it even more when it is applied in the world of fashion. For example, this Summer I've been pairing my boyish high top sneakers with skirts, dresses and feminine tops. I love how this type of combos can be so practical and yet so much fun to wear almost all year round. 
Last week before heading to our trip to Michigan, I wore this outfit to go dinner out and later in the night to go have some drinks with the locals. I paired my so loved vintage Travel Fox sneakers with this tropical print maxi dress and which, by the way, I don't wear it as often as I should. The dress was too long to wear with low heeled shoes, therefore, I cut 3 inches from the hemline in order to make it more versatile. You would think this dress is fun just by itself, but don't let it fool you. I tried to keep things minimal but the entire look didn't look right and also it didn't scream my name. I needed a statement belt with an interesting texture and perhaps a bag with similar strength in order to add more balance to the overall look.


This week, we had a great time in Michigan. We go every year to visit my boyfriend's family and of course to enjoy one of the top 10 biggest lakes in the world. Beside spending quality time with his family, my favorite activity in Michigan is watching the sunsets at the lake. I just can't get enough of the warm colors that saturate the sky and how the water reflects the sleepy sunlight.
By the way, most of these pictures were also posted in Instagram in daily basis, but I wanted to share with my blog readers in case you aren't following me there.

Interestingly Preppy

I like preppy looks, but I like them even more when they're styled with one or two vintages pieces. We all know that vintage pieces can add a magical twist to any look, and with that in mind, I came up with this look. This preppy and adorable skirt is a recent purchase and the rest of the items in this look are vintage or old purchases. The cowboy shirt and the whip belt are vintage and obviously they added an American western touch to this look.
As I'm typing this post, I'm traveling to Michigan to visit my boyfriend's family, therefore, I'll take a break from posting in my blog for about a week. Next week if God permits, I'll be back in business, however, I'll continue staying active all this week in my Instagram account.

Subtle Mix of Prints and High Top Sneakers

This coming weekend we are heading to Michigan to visit my boyfriend's family and with that in mind I decided to come up with an outfit around a Detroit Tigers baseball hat. My boyfriend loves his Tigers and as a faithful fan, he has a good collection of their hats, but he also has managed to put some on my head. The latest he bought me was this Hawaiian/camo print hat, which I really dig because it has mixed patterns in neutral colors.
 I was going for a boyish and sporty look around my hat, but as usual, I wanted to add a feminine touch. This lady-like blouse with a similar tropical print seemed to be the perfect piece for my black on black ensemble. I loved the fact that I was wearing a mixed-print outfit without being so obvious to the eye. Now, this look couldn't be right without a pair of cool sneakers, and since I love high top styles, I decided to wear my sweet leather Converse.

Little Floral Dress

I firmly believe that a floral dress can be almost as versatile as a black dress, therefore, it's easy to enhance it's looks by accessorizing it with other fun pieces. 
For this occasion, I wanted to add an edgy touch to my skater floral dress by layering it with a distressed denim vest. I also opted to wear accessories made out of natural materials (wood, burlap and wicker) in order to bring a summery feel. Once again, I'm wearing my white pumps which, in my opinion, gave this look a crisp and elegant touch. 

Feminine Safari

 On our way back from one of our fun trips to the country side, we decided to stop and take these pictures. My hair was messy from the wind, my clothes wrinkled, however, I still agreed with the idea of a spontaneous photo-shoot, that in my opinion, ended up looking like Safari style.
If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed several outdoorsy pictures. Yes, I enjoy outdoors, and that's why my boyfriend and I decided to acquire the Jeep Wrangler in these pictures. We wanted to get around better in the mountains and off-road, but what we loves the most, is driving it everywhere with the top off.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and have the chance to enjoy the great outdoors.

Short Denim Overalls With White Stilettos

As you can see, I didn't wait too long to wear my new white pumps! I had in my mind so many ideas how to wear them, but I ended up just putting on a pair of comfortable denim overalls, a men's t-shirt and a practical panama hat. I wanted to keep this look crisp, but fun, therefore I chose to wear everything white. And as a last touch, I wore a black bag because I thought it looked neat matching the hat band.

White Pumps

I started to have an appreciation for white shoes and as you saw in my last post, I was wearing a pair of white espadrilles, which I really enjoyed. I've been thinking about adding a couple more colors in my pumps collection and one of them was a crisp white. Due my narrow heels, I like to stick with a few brands that rarely change the width of the back of the pumps. I've tried several brands, but very few work for my feet and this is the reason why with this purchase I stuck with a brand I know. I'm very selective about buying pumps and I usually buy the styles with clean lines regardless of the color or print.
I can't wait to style these pumps with my outfits. You'll probably see me wearing them in my very next post.

Trapeze Flowy Dress With Ankle Strap Espadrilles

After wearing red, white and blue the entire past week, yesterday I was craving for a look with different colors. I have worn this dress only three times since I bought it, however every time I wear it, I have too much fun with it. The graphic print and the flowy tent style made me feel so playful that my boyfriend asked me several times during the photo shoot to calm down so he could take at least one still picture.

Pump It Up With These Sales

Pump it up

LBD for the 4th Of July

Some of you will probably recognize this little black dress. It's one of my oldest pieces and also the easiest to wear and style. I know it's very short and maybe too short for a gal of my age, however, I can't see myself getting rid of it yet. As I said in earlier posts, this week I was going to post USA patriotic looks, so I decided to style this LBD with red, white and blue accessories. This time I gave a different use to my old bandanas and instead of wrapping them around my neck, I wore them around my hips. The boater hat was the perfect touch to compliment the bandanas and also give this outfit a patriotic look.

Algunos de ustedes probablemente reconocerán este vestidito negro. Es una de mis piezas más viejas y también la más fácil de llevar. Sé que es muy corto y tal vez demasiado corto para una chica de mi edad, sin embargo, no me quiero deshacer de el todavía. Como he dicho en entradas anteriores, esta semana iba a publicar looks patrióticos de USA, así que decidí llevar este vestido negro con accesorios de color rojo, blanco y azul. Esta vez me dio por darle un uso diferente a mis bandanas y en vez de envolverlas alrededor de mi cuello, me las puse alrededor de mis caderas. El sombrero de barquero fue el toque perfecto y complementador para las bandanas y ademas también le dio a este look un toque patriótico.

Dress/Vestido: White House Black Market
Sandals/Sandalias: Birkenstock
Hat/Sombrero: Scala
Bag/Bolso: Vintage
Bandanas: K-mart
Sunglasses/Gafas: Kate Spade


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