Tweed A-Line Skirt With Mary Janes

A-line skirt with Mary Janes

You probably remember my Mary Janes from a previous post (here) and since then, I haven't had the opportunity to wear them until yesterday. I had plans to pair them mostly with pants, but the plans immediately changed after flipping through the pages of Instyle Magazine September issue. I saw a pretty neat layout of how to wear Mary Janes with A-line skirts and, oh boy! I really liked the idea. Then later I started thinking about maybe this look was too school girl for a woman of my age, however, I felt challenged by that thought. 
So here I'm wearing my vintage Mary Janes with a tweed A-line skirt that has managed to stay in my wardrobe for many years. I paired this combo with a very relaxed v-neck pullover in order to have some comfort while running errands on a busy Monday. The morning was a little chilly, therefore a pair of black tights came in very handy, and besides, they made my red shoes stand out even more. As you know, I don't hate the idea of being matchy matchy, so that's my explanation of why I wore a red bandana around my neck.

How To Spice Up a Blazer and Jeans Combo

Wearing a blazer with jeans is probably the oldest way to make your jeans look more presentable for work or for any semi-casual occasion, however, there are ways to make this common combo stand out. If your outfit is in neutral colors, bright colors are what come to my mind when deciding on what accessories to wear in order to make it fun. I also think about wearing things a little different in order to give it an interesting touch. For example, in this look, I decided to wear accessories with a touch of color…nothing too wild, just obvious enough to make a difference. Other details that made this outfit stand out was the way I double-cuffed my jeans and I also left the back of my long shirt untucked, in order to let it show.
Small, but fun changes can make a difference when deciding to make a common look more unique.

Fall For Brights - Tennis Sweater and Plaid Maxi Skirt

 Recently, I made a trip to my favorite vintage shop in town and besides finding great accessories, I also found this tennis sweater in almost mint condition. When you do vintage shopping you never know when you'll fall in love with past trends, even when you hated them then, all of a sudden you find them attractive.
It has been a very long time since I wore a preppy tennis sweater. In fact, I don't think I wore one by my own will. Every time I see a tennis sweater, I can't help but remember Carlton from The Prince of Bel Air show back in the
Fall just began and I should have worn a look with warm hues that we all love to wear around this time of the year, but instead, I decided to wear my pastel yellow sweater with my colorful maxi skirt. I wore this look all day, but half the time I wore it with sneakers while running errands, then later for dinner and drinks with friends, I wore it with an equally bright pair of pumps.

Glam Up Your Overalls

If you think overalls are only for date time, think again! For a date night with my love, I carefully glammed up my awesome pair of Levis (perfect wash) dungarees. It doesn't take much to make them look flirty yet fun. Style them with a lace top and with the highest heels in your wardrobe. You also can accessorize the look with some bling bling (hello Jenny from the Block) like I did with my oversized neck chain. And as a non-minimalist person, I had to wear a couple more goodies, so I decided to wear a slick hat and large lucite bangles.

Buckle Up

Today I want to share with you my newest vintage find. My large buckled belt has stole my heart since the first moment my boyfriend pointed it out to me in the store. It was actually hanging in-between a bunch of men's belts, but judging from the shape and length, it looks more appropriate for a female body. Anyway, the idea of making it a focal point with an all-denim look was more than tempting and by the way, these teal Levi's jeans (also worn here and here) were really long, but I decided to hem them myself and leave them with a raw edge for a more fun look.

Autumn In The Air

We're only in the middle of September and the temperature is already dropping, however, it isn't cold enough for thick garments, therefore, yesterday I decided to layer lightly. I love summer time, but autumn is by far my favorite season and not just because the crisp air, but also because I've tons of fun dressing up for cooler weather.
 As I said earlier in the month, I rearranged my wardrobe and while in the process, I found a few pieces that I needed to bring back to daylight. For example, this khaki swing jacket (worn here and here) needed some love, but also my gray pants (also worn here and here) that should have been worn more often this past spring, so, why not to wear them together?
 I paired these pieces with a striped button-down, which came in handy breaking a little bit of the soft contrast in-between light grey and khaki. The rolled up hem on these pants are perfect for a chic pair of booties and since I love the idea of matchy-matchy, I wore a pair that matched perfectly with the blue stripes of my shirt. Last but not least, was my leopard clutch which, although the pattern clashed a little bit with my shirt, looked terrific next to the khaki jacket.

Leather - Cotton - Rhinestones

It's almost the end of Summer and the end of wearing light fabrics or skin baring pieces. I have to admit that the transitional dressing is one of my favorite parts when moving from one season to another. The truth is, I find it very fun to combine pieces from different seasons. For example, for this past Wednesday's date night, I decided to combine leather and cotton. My off-the-shoulder blouse is the perfect top for any summery day, however, by wearing it with a leather skirt, I made it more suitable for this time of the year and more dressy for a romantic date. This outfit is simple, therefore, there was room for a few fun accessories. This time, instead of wearing a statement necklace and oversized earrings, I decided to wear a large rhinestone gecko brooch and a snake bracelet. And in order to keep most of the accessories on the wild side, I decided to wear black and white leopard pumps.

Wear Combat Boots Like a Lady

I've been wearing my combat boots with jeans since the beginning of the year, but this time and once again, the word juxtaposition took control of my wheel. Wearing these masculine boots with feminine pieces seemed like a terrific idea. Yes, I know, the grunge styling is the most common way to wear combat boots like a girl. Yes, I said like a girl, but I'm not a girl… I'm a woman, therefore, I found a more grown up way to soften up these military boots. Instead of a floral grunge dress, I decided to wear a lace peplum blouse and if that wasn't enough femininity, I put on a doted pencil skirt and hung huge chandeliers on my ears. Voila! Here I was, feeling like a lady with my steps firm to the ground. 

Pink With An Edge

Earlier this week I rearranged my closet with the intention of removing the clothes I no longer use. That was how I found this A-line skirt, which has a very interesting wrap design. As soon as I pulled it out of the closet, I realized that the reason I didn't give it enough wear was because the fabric wrinkles very fast, but nevertheless, I still felt like giving it another try.
Fragility, delicacy, tenderness and softness are the words that come to my mind when I think of pink. Therefore, the idea of ​​giving a touch of edge to this pink skirt encouraged me a lot to wear it again. Animal prints are obviously perfect to give a wild touch to any outfit… for this reason I decided to wear this leopard blouse. The print offered the wild touch (more looks here, here and here), but the bow tie neck and pastel tones preserved the femininity and romance in the outfit. I wanted to wear black shoes and a black bag, because I think black accessories occasionally can add an edgy touch to a soft look. These open booties seemed to me the most interesting black shoes in my wardrobe and besides, the tapered design complimented the A-line shape of the skirt.

You Can Wear The Pants AND The Dress In Your Office

All Black Outfit

If you work at an office you probably start your mornings thinking of what to wear to work even before you get the chance to have a cup of coffee. As I had mentioned before in this blog, I don't work in an office environment job, however, I have received emails from some of my readers asking me, "What should I wear to an office job?"
I love the idea of wearing blazers to the office, but I also like the idea of spice them up by wearing unexpected pieces with them. For this occasion I decided to wear a short drop-waist dress with my blazer, however, since the dress is too short for an office environment, I decided to wear a pair of skinny flares underneath it. I wore everything in one color, because the proportions or concept of this look are playful enough, so keeping things to a monochromatic tone project a grounded and office-appropriate look.
After all, who said you can't wear pants and a dress to your office?


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