Thanksgiving Outfit Idea With a Chambray Bow Blouse

Leopard coat street style

The bow blouse will always be an essential piece in my wardrobe, simply because I love the way it brings a feminine touch to my looks. I recently was honored by Ann Taylor/Loft with a gift certificate as a winning prize of an Instagram contest. When the gift certificate arrived, the first thing that came to my mind was shopping for stylish basics. While browsing through their online store, this chambray blouse stood out, but as you can see, it's more than an average chambray blouse. We're talking about a bow blouse made out of chambray! ...Now, I call that genius!! A blouse that not only brings a  feminine touch to my looks, but brings a casual, yet polished vibe. Perhaps, I could call this blouse "The smart blouse" 
Thanksgiving is a month away, however, I already started thinking of outfit ideas for that holiday. In this opportunity I decided to style my smart blouse with orange pants (love orange around this holiday) and a leopard coat (last year purchased also from Loft) as an appropriate look for Thanksgiving Day with friends, family or co-workers.

The Denim Shearling Jacket

Leopard with plaid street style

Earlier in the year, I purchased this denim shearling jacket (hello 70's) with the intentions to wear it on Spring and Autumn chilly mornings. I believe the time for enjoying it again is here and what better than to pair it with a fun skirt and a pair of amazing boots. And of course, everything accordingly color coordinated. 

The Statement Coat

Cobalt blue street style

Regardless of your style, I believe everyone should consider investing in a statement coat. When I say "statement" I mean a noticeable color, length and fabric. I was very fortunate to find this coat last Winter in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The coat is vintage (mint condition), beautifully made and it came with a reasonable price tag. I knew right away, it was made for me. The length, the color and the fabric where just right for my emotional style.
I recently saw a very similar style in the pages of Instyle magazine (of course) and it was styled with a pair of burgundy pants (done it before) and also they styled it with a leather mini-skirt. I haven't worn this particular coat with a mini-skirt, but I had with a midi-skirt. So this time, I decided to wear it the way they suggested in the magazine, however instead of a black skirt, I wore a red one for a more striking color-block effect. I paired this look with two different shoes due to two different type of events I was going to that day. During the day time, I was more comfortable wearing this combo with a pair of brogues to make it more easy and casual, but for night time (dinner and drinks with friends) I decided to add another feminine touch by wearing it with a pair of classic round toe stilettos.

Earth Tones From Head To Toe

How to wear neutral colors

Earth tones, as the name suggests, are hues associated with nature like any shade of brown, tan, olive green, etc.
They are the perfect colors to wear around cooler weather, although, they're also fun to wear around summer time.
As you see in these pictures, I wore a total earth tone look. It was a really bright day, so wearing muted tones wasn't going to affect my mood. Like many, I can get a little bit melancholic if I wear a total neutral look on a rainy grey day, because there is no denying that color and mood are inextricably linked.
Back to my look...I wore this really short tweed skirt (very old) with heels, but to tone down the sexiness, I decided to pair it with a long cocoon coat and a cashmere simple sweater.

Leopard, Plaid, Nude and a Bowler Hat

Bowler hat street style

I'm more than happy to share this outfit with you today, because I'm very fond of leopard and plaid combo. This time I paired this fun combo with nude shoes and a nude jacket. I guess they helped to ground the look and bring a good balance.
 Some of my favorite accessories these days are vintage, because in my opinion they can give a one-of-a-kind look to any ensemble. So to finish my look with a unique touch, I decided to wear a vintage belt, bowler hat and pendant.

Indian Summer

All white street style

Earlier in the week, Summer came out again from behind the curtains to get its encore and with that, comes a little confusion deciding on what to wear. In the morning it's chilly enough to wear warm clothes from head to toe, but right around lunch, the weather starts turning really hot, that you want to lose unnecessary layers. Then comes dusk and you pretty much can't decide wether you need a pair of pants or a jacket, but not both, because it can be too warm. So that was my dilemma when trying to dress earlier this week. Finally, I decided to wear a pair of white shorts with matching shirt and shoes. I also wore a warm colored vintage jacket in order to keep my arms toasty during dusk and later at night. I must confess, I like the contrast between white and brown. It's definitely an interesting combo.

Dress Over Jeans and Mixed Patterns

Mod shift dress street style

Mixed patterns and dresses over pants are for sure some of my favorite fashion combinations and today I decided to bring both into one look. Due to its shape, a shift dress is the perfect candidate for wearing over pants and this colorful dress is not an exception. The length of this dress is short enough to compliment a pair of slightly flared jeans, but what about that mod print? Well, isn't quite a fall-like print, but it's chic enough to give an unexpected look to an autumn ensemble. Now, for the mixed patterns situation here, the only ting I can say is that, in this case, adding another patterned piece gave this look  touch of fun and also connected all pieces together. I personally love how the blouse neck tie lays over the front of the dress. I think it balances the entire look. 

Grunge Or Highlander

Tartan skirt street style

For my latest road trip to the mountains of North Carolina, I decided to wear this grunge-like or modern highlander look. You're welcome to call it whatever you like, but I hope these pictures inspire you to try this combo soon. Plaid with leather is obviously one of the most popular combos these days, so regardless or  your destination, wear it with the appropriate shoes and accessories, but have fun with it.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

How To Polish Up A Bohemian Dress

All black street style

Summer is pretty much over and so are the opportunities to wear our bohemian dresses that looked so good with our favorite sandals. But wait a minute…before pushing those dresses into the back of our closets, why not to wear them with one of those blazers hanging in our wardrobes and with a pair of those knee-high boots that are waiting to be loved again? Well, I did exactly that in order to give more mileage to my old and faithful boho dress. I wore it with a boyfriend-style blazer and my classy stiletto boots. I chose to pair my dress with black pieces because I believe it's the perfect color to make any ensemble look more elegant and polished.

Mix and Match With a Fun Print

Fall is the perfect season to mix and match all the goodies in our wardrobe, and that's exactly what makes Autumn the favorite season for most fashionistas, including myself. I've said many times in this blog that I love matchy matchy combinations, however I also love mixing fun fabrics, colors and prints. In this opportunity I decided to dress around a beautifully printed bow blouse by Coldwater Creek. Dressing around a colorful print can be very fun, because it's easy to find other pieces in our wardrobe to pair it with. 
After trying this blouse with different jackets in my wardrobe and loving every look, it took me a little while to decide which one I was going to wear first. Neutral colored jackets made the blouse stand out, but the bright colored ones made a perfect harmony with the print of this blouse. To make the story short, I finally opted to wear my bow blouse with my rust colored velvet blazer, which beside making the print stand out, also made the blouse look even more suitable for the autumn season.
Deciding what to wear for the bottom part of my look was also fun. Since I already started playing with different fabric textures on the top, adding a coated shiny pair of jeans and patent shoes seemed to be a great idea and, of course, very me.

Mod Print

Outfit with mod print

Hello my faithful readers! Today I'm showing my modern way to wear a retro print.
Let me start saying that I love all shades of green, so the golden green in this skirt is not the exception, however, due to my olive complexion, I prefer to wear certain greens in areas away from face. Anyway, besides liking the colors of this skirt, I also appreciate the 1960s inspired print, which by the way, it looks like is trending again. 
 I was very aware that the pattern of this skirt wasn't subtle, therefore, I wore everything else in a solid color. Yes, of course, the color blue seemed to be the right choice for a matchy matchy gal like me and besides, it made this retro print stand out even more. Now, in order to create a balance between the skirt and the rest of the look, I chose to wear neutral colored accessories.

The Retro Corduroy Jacket

Tomboy style

This 70's jacket is the only piece of garment made of corduroy I own, however, it has become one of my favorites light jackets. Despite its age, it's in terrific condition and this is the perfect jacket to throw on quick for busy days.
I'm very fond of a green and black combo, therefore, I didn't think twice to wear my corduroy jacket with my black pants and pumps. This is a men's jacket in size small an it looks perfect on my frame as an oversized jacket. I wore a men's hat and a button down shirt to keep my look somewhat tomboyish. Everything in my ensamble has simple lines, therefore, a studded belt and a tasseled bag came in handy as a trendy addition.
I hope you all have a wonderful month of October!


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