Summer Rain

Wearing Hunter on a rainy day

There is something magical about rain. I honestly believe that it's the most romantic weather. Now, one thing I dislike is getting caught in the rain unprepared. I mean, dealing with wet clothes even for a couple hours is just downright unpleasant. I've been in this situation quite a few times, so from now on, I keep rain gear in my car just in case my weather app gives me an incorrect forecast.
The day of this photoshoot I had plenty of time to plan for my rainy outfit, therefore, everything worked the way I wanted. I wore a simple and easy-to-style shift dress with my adorable clear nylon jacket that is kept in my car together with the umbrella and rain boots.


Hunter boots on a rainy day

When you are prepared for rainy weather it gives you the chance to fully enjoy it without worrying about your clothes or shoes.

Hunter clear umbrella

Everyone needs a light rain jacket for summer days. A trench coat works for cooler weather, but for an 80+ degree day, you most definitely need something lighter and easier to carry around or store in your car.

Clear rain coat street style

I'm loving the clear umbrella concept these days. I like to see how the rain drops look through my umbrella. It's a neat way to be protected against rain and yet be able to see its beauty.

And hurray for the clear jackets. Rain can't stop me from showing off my outfit.

Hunter boots in the rain

Rain jacket: Zara. Similar/ Dress: Missoni for Target (old). Similar/Rain boots: Hunter. Similar/Umbrella: Hunter/Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (Vintage 80's B&L edition). New style here/Bag: Valentino. Similar/Bracelets: Vintage. Similar

Rainy day outfit

Outfit with clear umbrella

Rain can bring the kid out of me so I can not resist jumping in a puddle when I wear my rain boots.

Hunter boots

Wearing Hunter boots in the rain

Clear rain coat


Rain coat street style



  1. Carelia this photo shoot is amazing and you look divine in your boots and mac!! I saw you talking about this on Instagram Stories so couldn't wait to see it... Bravo to your AND your (rather faaaabulous) photographer!

    Catherine x

    1. Aww Catherine!! Thanks so much for your beautiful comment and compliment. My dear husband volunteers as photographer. I showed him a few tricks with the Nikon and now he owns it. I do most of the editing, but without him, these beautiful pictures will not be possible.

  2. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Wow!! This is a very cool shoot. It looks like you had fun wearing your rain gear under the rain. I'm getting that bubble umbrella for myself. :-)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like it and I hope you enjoy your umbrella soon.

  3. Aww Carelia I love your outfit, seeing you wearing your shiny black Wellies has really made my day, you look gorgeous.

    1. Hi Julie! Thanks for visiting. I'm glad you liked the look.

  4. A was so looking for this post, cause we here in the north of Germany have u fortunately more rain than sun. And that is a huge challenge to keep stylish and not get into the regular rainy look. The see through concept inspires me a lot, great idea, looking chic in the rain girl 😍👌🏼xx

    1. Dolna, I completely understand your situation. We have had a week with rain and I feel like it's a real homework to get ready every day for wet weather. I love rain, but getting dress for it can be a challenge. I'm glad you like the idea of clear rain gear. I just started loving this trend and I think it will stay in my wardrobe for a while. Thanks for your comment and compliment.

  5. What a beautiful shoot! I love everything about it, even the light is stunning! Did you know that the Queen always uses clear umbrellas? You're in good company! xx

    1. Yes!! I found that out last year. I love clear umbrellas and simply because I can see the rain drops. Thanks for your comment.



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