Denim Midi Skirt

1950s style outfit

I want to give credit for this look to a very stylish blogger. Her name is Nicolene Richards from FiftyFabulous blog. Yesterday, I decided to re-create her look on a date night with my boyfriend. I added a silk scarf in order to add my own personal touch and accentuate the vintage feel of it.

Polka Dot Blouse and Ripped Jeans

Ripped boyfriend jeans outfit

We all know that the most popular way to dress up jeans in general is wearing them with blazers and heels, which is exactly what I did yesterday with my ripped old jeans. I also wore my polka dot blouse, which it was an extra dressy/lady-like touch that my worn out jeans needed for our monday's brunch in downtown.

My First Peplum

Outfit with a peplum shirt

Seriously, this is my very first piece of clothing in this style that I own. I've seen it on others a million times and I tried on a blouse once, but I never felt the real need of owning one. Surprisingly the other day, I fell completely in love with this flowy and high-low peplum top. After I tried it on and saw that the price was fair, I immediately purchased it. I couldn't wait for the weather to turn warm to wear it. Luckily, this past Thursday the weather was around the low 70's, so I didn't hesitate to wear it for first time.

Tie-Dyed Denim and Snake

Outfit with tie dyed denim shirt

Denim and snake print is a pretty fun combo, but instead of wearing plain denim with my snake printed skirt, I decided to kick it up a notch with a tie-dyed shirt.

In To The Wild

Outfit with a puffer coat

…is what I've been up to the last few days since our back yard never looked this pretty before. Sometimes walking away from the concrete world and spending time with Mother Nature can be so rejuvenating to our spirit and invigorating for our bodies. Often we let our busy lives take over our days, so it's easy to forget to spend time in the great outdoors, which believe it or not, it can be the best therapy for our bodies and souls.
Talking about nature, let me introduce you one of our dogs, Elvis. He is a very lovable and protective dog. Elvis and I decided to go for a wintery walk on our back trail. Obviously, Elvis didn't  need a coat since he was naturally provided with a great fur; I, on the other hand, had to wear my Eddie Bauer puffer coat (also worn here) in order to stay cozy for a long walk. 

If You Can't Avoid It…Enjoy It!

Outfit with Sorel boots

Well, apparently we're having more snow coming down in the southern part of United States, which means schools delays, people calling out for work, icy roads, everyone running to the groceries store for milk and bread (I ran out for coffee and tortillas…lol). Here in the south, we're never prepared enough for "winter storms," so when they do come, we all panic. 
I had so many plans for today, but as most of us here, we decided to stay in home and hang out around our backyard trail and enjoy the inevitable.

Orange Hearts and Cobalt Blue

Valentine's day outfit idea

Ahhh!!! Red hearts, chocolates, flowers… it's all I see everywhere since this past weekend, so today I decided to be part of this wonderful atmosphere by wearing my heart-printed shirt. However, this is not the conventional heart print Valentine's Day blouse, since the hearts are colored in orange (dangerous heart?), which make it an awesome contrast with the cobalt blue background. 

The Maximalist In Me

Maximalist Outfit

Crocheted striped sweater, polka-dot shirt, golden buttoned nautical blazer, men's cap, quilted bag, red cage sandals, boyfriend white jeans, hoop earrings and aviator sunglasses…it might be a bit too much for many of you, but for me, they are the type of details that when put together create my personal style, which is an extension of my personality. Believe me, as an experiment and after contemplating Sofia Coppola's style, I tried a few times to dress as minimalist as possible and I unconsciously ended up adding extra details to my look…lol
I must mention and you probably already surmised that my style is not typically appropriate for the office. I don't work in one, which actually gives me the opportunity to express myself with my clothes and a big part of that is wearing mixed patterns and my dear hats.
Now tell me about you, are you minimalist like Sofia Coppola or a maximalist like Viviana Volpicella?


Denim on Denim Outfit

What can I say about blue denim that hasn't already been said? I'm sure you have heard it all. However, I'm going to share with you pictures of a denim on denim look, which were taken after a busy day of running errands. It's nothing glamorous, but it sure was comfy.

Que puedo decir con respecto a tela vaquera que ustedes no han escuchado antes? Estoy casi segura que lo saben todo. Pero si les voy a compartir unas fotos tomadas de un look casual y abundado de tela vaquera, el cual me calló como anillo al dedo, porque tuve un día muy ocupado haciendo mandados personales y familiares.

Boyfriend skinny jeans outfit

My vintage Wrangler jacket is like a soft blanket, I truly love the natural wear and tear in it. I also wore it HERE with a lady-like style.

Mi chaqueta Wrangler es como una cobijita suave, la verdad que me encanta el acabado natural que le ha dado el uso. También me la puse AQUÍ pero con un estilo de dama.

Denim jacket outfit

"What goes around comes around" Hello low heel super pointy toe!!! My Sergio Rossi pumps are incredibly comfy than I can run like Forrest
Gump ;-)

"Lo que pasa de moda, regresa de moda" Hola tacones bajos y súper puntudos!!! Mis tacones Sergio Rossi son increíblemente confortables que puedo correr como Forrest Gump ;-)

Leopard pumps with jeans
Denim with denim outfit
Mirrored sunglasses outfit

Bag/Bolso: Kate Spade. And this is similar by KSNY as well on sale.
Jacket/Chaqueta: Vintage. This ASOS version looks vintage and comfy.
Jeans/Vaqueros: Levi's. Minimal distressing never goes out of style, check this J. Brand pair on sale.
Pumps/Tacones: Sergio Rossi. I love LK Benneth version.
Sunglasses/Gafas: RAY-BAN
Beanie/Gorra: Adidas
Hoops/Argollas: Vintage

More Choices:

Neutral Territory

Outfit with neutral colors

When I decide to wear only neutral hues, it's actually the perfect time for me to express even more of my creativity. Dressing in neutrals can be a challenge for people like me that love colors and all type of intense contrasts, however, an outfit based on a neutral pallet doesn't have to be boring. There are so many ways to spice up a neutral look even when wearing classic pieces. Perhaps we can add different type of textures, patterns, color-blocking, shapes, etc., in order to keep things fun, yet neutral. Agree?


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