If You Can't Avoid It…Enjoy It!

February 12, 2014

Outfit with Sorel boots

Well, apparently we're having more snow coming down in the southern part of United States, which means schools delays, people calling out for work, icy roads, everyone running to the groceries store for milk and bread (I ran out for coffee and tortillas…lol). Here in the south, we're never prepared enough for "winter storms," so when they do come, we all panic. 
I had so many plans for today, but as most of us here, we decided to stay in home and hang out around our backyard trail and enjoy the inevitable.

Aparentemente vamos a tener mas tormentas de nieve aquí en la zona sur de los Estados Unidos, lo cual significa que las escuelas estarán cerradas, la gente faltará al trabajo, las calles quedan como deslizaderos,  todo el mundo corre a comprar leche y pan (yo corrí a comprar café y tortillas…lol). Aquí en el sur, nunca estamos completamente preparados para las tormentas de nieve, porque no las tenemos tan seguido, y cuando vienen nos llenamos de pánico.
Yo tenía muchos planes para hoy, pero nos decidimos mejor quedarnos en casa también y disfrutar una caminata en la brecha trasera de la casa.

Outfit with snow boots
What to wear in the snow
Camel coat street style
Sorel Boots Joan of Arctic
Sorel Joan of Arctic boots
Outfit with Sorel Joan of Arctic boots

And later we decided to have fun in our driveway, so here I'm sliding plowing in the snow lol, but this time, I wore my puff jacket and a thicker beanie because the temperature started dropping considerably.
Can you tell I don't have experience playing with snow? lol

Luego en la tarde decidimos divertirnos en nuestra acera, así que aquí estoy deslizandome paleando nieve. Esta vez me cambie de abrigo y me puse uno mas impermeable y una gorra mas gruesa, porque la temperatura comenzó a bajar considerablemente.

Sorel boots in the snow

Coat/Abrigo: Zara. Alternative HERE.

Sweater/Suéter: Target. Alternative HERE.

Boots/Botas: Buy HERE.

Leggings: H&M (old). Alternative HERE.

Scarf/Bufanda: Target. Alternative HERE.

Beanie/Gorra: Banana Republic. Similar HERE.

Sunglasses/Gafas: Vintage. Check this affordable style by FANTAS EYES.

Gloves/Guantes: Vintage. Similar HERE.


  1. You manage to maintain fabulous style right through the cold, love the look, and the Camel coat is a classic! Great outfit!

  2. so true and you are definitely dressed for the weather - enjoy Spring will be here before you know it!

  3. It looks like so much fun!! How do you umanage to look so fabulous in the cold!? I always look terrible

  4. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Parece que esperabas la tormenta con tu look ya preparado, estás espectacular! Me encanta lo divertido y abrigador que es. Cuidense mucho y esperemos pase la nieve rápido, y si es seguro por supuesto disfrutarla!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  5. Oh my goodness!!! You are so cute in the snow Carelia. It's so funny, here I am in Canada with now snow this year at all, and you in the southern states with the white stuff falling. Here on the west coast, we do the same...stock up on food, LOL.

    The big difference between us? When I'm dressed for the snow, I look like a little snowman...and you look chic and stylish! Well done!

  6. Hi, Carelia, such lovely pics, we also had snow falling this morning! That picture where you are sliding down the slope is very energizing:) loved your outfit with the tan coat, the boots are perfect for such type of weather. <3 Zhanna, www.stylehenge.com

  7. I donno Carelia, it looks like you are thoroughly enjoying yourself in this weather! :) And yes, stylish and cute as always!

  8. Definitely looks like you're enjoying the snow :)
    I love your coat and scarf! Stay warm!


  9. Flawless...you have so much fun in your posts!
    Stay warm and safe.

  10. Very cute, you are pretty!!!



  11. super preparada para un dia en a nieve.
    me encanta el look.

  12. It seems there's freaky weather going on all around. We're having terrible floods, crazy winds and horizontal rain. Non stop.
    It seems like waterworld here in the UK at the moment.

  13. I like your coat!
    I put a photo of yours in my new post Animal prints Inspiration!



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