Lined Up and Layered

As I mentioned in my last post, this week I will try to wear United States patriotic looks due to the Independence Day celebrations coming up this Saturday.
Last year, I wore this skirt with the same clutch (I can't get enough of stripes) for another patriotic look (see it here), however, the outfit was a little more dressy. Today I did a few changes by wearing it with flats and I layered a silver tank top to a white button-down shirt. I like how the tank top added a fun touch and interesting proportion to this preppy and relaxed look. 

Effortless Outfit Idea For The 4th Of July

4th of july outfit

I wore this look last week to hang out with my boyfriend's nephew and his friends that visited from Michigan, therefore, I wanted to be casual. I believe this look is actually appropriate to wear around this upcoming 4th of July, because it's comfortable enough and it has red, white and blue. By the way, my Liberty vintage pendant (found at an antique mall in New Orleans) is one of my favorite accessories when wearing any patriotic look.
If you love nautical looks like me and you live in the USA, you probably will not have a problem finding pieces in your wardrobe for any patriotic holiday. 
 The next few days, and as I did last year around this holiday, I will be wearing more looks with the United States colors, and of course nautical.

Black & White Gingham With Army Green

This is one the combos I wanted to do for quite a long time and I always forget, so I made a reminder note to try it this week. I don't own a skirt or shorts in army green, so my only choice to wear black and white gingham with army green was with any of my long pants. I decided to add even more masculine accents to this combo by wearing a men's Panama hat and aviator sunglasses. I'm so glad I tried this combo, because it's easy to wear and yet very fun.

Off-The-Shoulder Red Dress

Summer is officially here, therefore, the perfect time for baring a little more skin has arrived. This adorable dress screamed summer time to me and besides of being perfect for warm weather it's also very fun to wear. I don't know about you, but every time I wear an off-the-shoulder piece I feel completely feminine and somehow sexy. It's a good feeling, mainly when you are going on a date with significant other. 
Eventually, I'm planning to wear this dress with less formal pieces, however last Wednesday, I wanted to be somehow dressy and sassy for my date night. I decided to wear one of my sexiest stilettos to vamp up even more this sassy dress. I took with me my vintage needlepoint bag (so Dolce & Gabbana) in order to add a unique and interesting touch this look.

I hope you have a wonderful monday.

Denim Dress With Tank top and Cut-Off Shorts to Wine Country

 A couple weeks ago, we decided to explore another vineyard in North Carolina and this time we visited Round Peak Vineyards. As many North Carolinian vineyards, this one offers award-winning wines and also they brew their own beer (my boyfriend loved that). Their grounds are very lovely and with a great view of the mountains (my favorite part after the wine).
I usually wear dresses or skirts to vineyards, but this time I broke the tradition and I decided to make a little change. When I bought this denim dress that I'm wearing in this photo shoot,  I knew it was going to be very fun and versatile! As you see, in this opportunity instead of wearing it as a dress (see more looks here and here), I decided to wear it as a light jacket with denim shorts and a striped tank top. Wedges and platforms are my all-terrain heels, so once again, I put on a comfy pair to stroll around this vineyard.
If you dig my style and want to get more ideas of what to wear to wine country, you can go to the top of my blog under "outfits" category, click it and  you will find "Wine Country Style" sub category.

Tropical Print Midi Skirt and High Top Sneakers

One of the things that I love about tropical print pieces is that, if I'm creative enough, I can wear them even in cold months of the year. For example, this past December, In order to give a brighter touch to a wintery look, I wore this skirt accompanied with cold-weather clothing and accessories.
This midi skirt is probably one of my favorite vintage skirts (reminds me of this Stella Jeans Haiti-inspired village print skirt and the dress) and so are these high top sneakers, however, I never had the opportunity to pair them together, until last week. Maybe this outfit look a little too matchy-matchy, but I didn't care, because I'm a huge fan of mixed printed looks that are color coordinated in a fun way.

Movement With Sporty Boho Style


I hope you have a positive Monday and please don't forget to keep on moving forward.

What I Wore To A Rib Fest

Today I just want to share one quick picture of a look I wore to my local Rib Fest this Thursday (I couldn't miss it…I love pork). The first time I wore this tie dye dress, I layered it with a long sleeve tee and I also wore a jacket because the weather was a tad cold. In this ocassion, the weather was hot and very humid, so obviously layering was out of the question. By the way, while putting on my dress, I realized that all my strapless bras were too wide and high for the low cut sides under my arms. My last minute resource was wearing a bikini top instead of a bra in order to keep things under control. I really wanted to wear this dress again, so I had to come up with a way to make it work without wearing a shirt underneath.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for visiting my blog.

The Bohemian Dress

You probably remember having seen this dress more than once in this blog and it's because it is one of my favorite bohemian dresses ever. Besides loving the comfortable fit and interesting print, I also love the tassels and sequins near to the hem area. In my opinion, this dress is easy to wear and accessorize and if I layer it properly, I even can wear it in cold weather seasons. Around this time of the year, I enjoy wearing it with comfy sandals and wide brim hats.
 Earlier this week, I styled it with my tan colored gladiator sandals and a white Panama hat in order to add a crisp touch to the warm colors. Once again, I wore my vintage bangles. I'm sure by now, you have realized that I'm really obsessed with them…and I really am.

Roman Holiday

Last week my boyfriend and I had a very romantic date! After a nice dinner in our favorite Italian restaurant, we decided to go see Roman Holiday at A/PERTURE Cinema in downtown Winston-Salem. It's such a magical experience to watch old classic movies the way they were intended on a big scream. For this occasion, I wore a very lady-like look and of course, inspired by Audrey Hepburn's 1950's style. I found this dress at one of my local vintage stores named Eclection for a very reasonable price. If you noticed the fabric is velvet but very thin, which is perfect for spring days or even cooler summer days. We have had light rain all day and the temperature dropped to lower 60s, therefore, appropriate for wearing a trench coat.

Urbanizing a Bohemian Embroidered Dress

This is a very popular style of dress around Mexico or Central American countries and it's gaining popularity here the United States as well. I love the embroidered details and the colors they used in this particular piece. I was very tempted to wear it with a pair of flat bohemian sandals and a floppy hat, but instead, I decided to style it with more classy urban pieces. The classic black pumps and the quilted chain bag were the right pieces to add a more sophisticated feel to this embroidered casual dress.

Totally White With Gold Accents

I'm sure you're seeing tons of bloggers and street-style outfits with all-white looks, however, it's very fun to see how everyone is giving them their personal touch. 
Today in order to join this trend, I'm showing you my totally white look enhanced with some gold bling-bling accents and worn with a pair of nude simple pumps. I have to confess that I didn't stay this clean and crisp all day long, because at the end of the day (actually at the end of the night) someone spilled Guinness beer on my vest. Now I'm crossing my fingers and hoping the dry-cleaner take care of the damage.


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