How I Turned A Knee-Length Denim Skirt A Head-Turner

August 8, 2019

There's a sea out there of denim skirts with different styles. In fact, there are so many that it's becoming hard to have just one in my wardrobe. That being said, at this moment I own only two: A vintage Lee and the one I'm wearing with this look. This one is fairly new, but I've been wearing it all summer (see some looks here, here and here), because it's so easy to style - it's a ready-to-go piece for sure. I like pencil denim skirts, but the ones with a slight A-line style like this one are becoming more appealing to me.
And talk about appealing! ...Oh my goodness!...there is one way to wear knee-length denim skirts and get the maximum impact out of them. Yes, I'm talking about wearing them with a simple t-shirt and heels - any heel, for that matter.

While getting ready for another wine country day with my husband, I tried this skirt with a pair of flat sandals (It looks better that way with button-down shirts) but I wasn't impressed with the overall look. Wearing a simple t-shirt with a knee-length denim skirt and flats seemed unimaginative for my mood of that day. Besides, I'm petite and this combo wasn't doing much for my height. I went back to my shoe rack and picked out the brightest pair of stiletto sandals I own. Va-va-voom!! That's what I needed!! A pair of elegant shoes that make this skirt worth looking at twice. I liked the combo so much that I took a pair of heeled espadrilles to wear on the actual vineyard's ground.

But the fun didn't end there! I also decided to spice up the look even more by wrapping a vintage silk scarf on my head that shared the same warm red color of my shoes and lips. Ah, I feel so sexy with this outfit and, yet, I wasn't showing too much flesh.
So there you have it! My way to wear a denim skirt to keep my own eye satisfied as well as having an extra bonus by getting tons of compliments from my husband. I hate to say this for the ladies that don't wear heels, but they are powerful pieces of fashion. I know heels aren't always practical, but are definitely outfit enhancers.

I must mention that this photo-shoot was taken at Hanover Park Vineyard. We had an amazing time there, tasting their delicious wines (it was hard to decide the best, they all are great) and cozy atmosphere. We enjoyed their 2017 Barrel Chardonnay on-site and took home a bottle of their 1897 (2012 Reserve) and 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon.  I love to go vineyards where their staff or owners take their time to tell their story. I personally love story tellers, so I definitely enjoy listening about what was behind the making of the wines I'm tasting.


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