Denim Skirt With Knee High Boots

So like a kid with a new toy, I couldn't wait until Fall to wear my newest pair of boots. I figured that before I put them away I would take them for a walk. The weather this past Monday was a little bit chilly, therefore, a good opportunity to create an outfit around my new boots. 
This is a transitional type of look, which by the way, was very easy to wear all day long. The t-shirt is simple and so is the skirt, but the polka dot blazer and of course my boots, added a touch of sass.

Flowy Oversized Shirt and Raw Hem Jeans

Today I'm showing you an easy and breezy look. The weather was really windy and made this shirt look very lovely and flowy. Too bad I can't say the same about my hair…lol.
I enjoy looks with basic pieces like oversized shirts and comfy jeans, however, I like to wear them with statement accessories to help them to stand out. But you already knew that about me ;-)

You have a wonderful weekend!

Juxtaposition = Fun

One of the reasons that motivated me to start blogging is my love for incorporating certain trends into my personal fashion style. Playing with fashion can be very fun, mainly when you let your style be an extension of your personality. I love to combine certain trends with vintage and classic, and it's just because I can get bored quickly wearing things of the same era or style all the time. But that just me - reason why I can call myself a fashion chameleon. I'm always craving for something different, however, I still have staple items that will always be a part of my style. In my wardrobe, I can find the right pieces for a really fun and one-of-a-kind look, but also for one that's traditional and conservative.  In this opportunity, I felt like having fun with juxtaposition.  I've combined a sporty jacket with a bohemian vintage tunic and accessories with an urban feel. And by the way, do you like my lucite bracelets? I'm obsessed with them.

Una de las razones que me motivaron a iniciar este blog es mi amor por la incorporación de ciertas tendencias en mi estilo personal. Jugando con la moda puede ser muy divertido, sobre todo cuando dejas que tu estilo sea una extensión de tu personalidad. A mi me encanta combinar ciertas tendencias con atuendos de era y clásicos, y es simplemente porque me aburro rápidamente con trajes compuestos de atuendos de la misma época o estilo. Pero esa es mi preferencia personal - razón por la que puedo decir que soy un camaleón de la moda. Yo siempre estoy deseando algo diferente, sin embargo, todavía tengo atuendos de primera necesidad que siempre serán parte de mi estilo. En mi armario, puedo encontrar las piezas adecuadas para un look muy divertido, pero también para uno que es tradicional y sencillo, pero en esta oportunidad, me dieron ganas divertirme un poco y jugar con yuxtaposición. He combinado una chaqueta deportiva con una túnica de época bohemia y accesorios con un toque urbano. Por cierto, les gusta mis brazaletes de lucite? Estoy obsesionada con ellos.

Jacket/Chaqueta: Adidas 
Dress/Vestido: Vintage
Bag/Bolso: Coach (vintage)
Booties/Botines: LK Bennett 
Sunglasses/Gafas: House of Harlow
Bracelets/Brazaletes: Vintage

Armed For A Rainy Day

It hasn't stopped raining for six days now, here in North Carolina, so it's a good opportunity for me to be creative with rainy outfits. It can be somehow challenging to dress for rainy days, whether you do it for work or on your day off. I  have to think twice before I leave my house. I personally take into consideration everything from what type of product to put in my hair to what type of fabric to wear. The rain, humidity and many times the wind can completely destroy a well-intentioned outfit, therefore, I believe it's the time when trench coats and umbrellas come in really handy. Per example, in my previous look, I didn't wear a trench coat during the photo shoot in order to show my entire look, however, at the end of the shoot, I already could see water wrinkles on the shoulders of my blazer and skirt.

Getting Ready For Fall/Winter = Timeless Boots

Commuting to Work With Rain Boots

Someone said to me that rain boots aren't office-appropriate, and I personally believe it depends on your office dress code policy. However, regardless of your work, I don't see nothing wrong with wearing rubber boots while commuting to your office on a rainy day…right?
As I said before, my work dress code is casual, so I wore this office-appropriate look with rain boots just for fun and to go dinner with my significant other.
You have a wonderful weekend!

When in Doubt, Wear Polka Dots

As I said to my Instagram readers…There is nothing wrong with your vision…you are actually seeing spots, and lots of them!
I was not planning to post another black and white look this week, but after reading one of my favorite magazines and seeing the cutest polka dots looks, I ended up completely inspired. This time, I added a small pop of color to add a hint of spice.
Let me share with you one of my favorite fashion sayings, by Marc Jacobs is, "There is not a wrong time to wear polka dots." Agree?

A Ready-To-Go Look for a Busy Day

When an outfit is described as neutral and basic, it might sound boring, but if we add a fun piece to the look, things can become a little more interesting. 
Effortless, practical and comfortable are actually the words that come to my mind before I get dressed when I have a busy day (errands, Dr. visits, meeting with friends etc) in town. Since the weather is getting warmer, a pair of flat sandals seems to me to be a great idea to start with. I know flat leather sandals are very casual, but they aren't exactly flip-flops and if we pair them with a pair of semi-dressy pants and a blazer, we can look decent enough to walk in to a Dr. office or to the local bank, and even go for some drinks. In order to add a touch of fun to this effortless look, instead of wearing a solid colored blazer, I decided to wear my versatile floral blazer. See, after all this look isn't boring at all.

Road Trip Through the Countryside

We just started hitting the open road and enjoying the countryside of North Carolina, and of course, I'm always checking on the weather before I decide what to wear. Right at this moment, I can't stand very long trips due my back injury three weeks ago, however, I still can enjoy small trips (thank goodness for Aleve) to beautiful backroads. Earlier in the week, the weather was somehow humid, but still warm and perfect for a road trip. Luckly the mosquito population isn't bad right now and I was able to enjoy my trip wearing a skirt
Denim on denim seems to be an easy way to dress for a road trip regardless of the weather, so that was my choice for that day. I decided to wear a pair of comfortable tall boots in case we encountered damp and heavily wooded areas because, besides sightseeing, I enjoy walking through the interesting paths.

Tweed * Linen * Denim

Light wash flare jeans street style
The weather is turning warmer here in North Carolina, therefore, the need for real heavy coats is dwindling. I don't want to give up yet on certain pieces that will keep me warm on chilly spring mornings or evenings, however, this is the perfect time to start introducing lightweight clothing. With this in mind, I started mixing spring-like pieces with the less heavier winter garments. For example,  in this look, I wore my vintage tweed jacket with a 100% cotton tunic and a pair of light wash flared jeans that seemed to be the perfect complement for this combo. At mid-day I removed my tweed jacket, since the weather started getting warmer, but later in the evening, this baby was back on. Now, if you ask me what would I call this look? "Transitional bohemian-dressy" sounds about right. 

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants street style
You might say, "another outfit with army green"? Pardon my obsession, but I'm having so much fun with this masculine shade, that I can't see myself stepping away from it for a while. I have pretty much moved this color as a staple in my wardrobe, so I must share with you through this blog and Instagram all the outfits I came up with.
This time, I'm wearing a cargo pant in a very simple way. I put on a simple black sweatshirt and I just a Panama hat and a statement necklace (tribal style is my favorite) to kick it up a notch a little bit.

Gingham Dress To Brunch

Gingham Dress

There is something romantic and girly about a gingham dress that I can clearly understand why women back in the 1950s and 1960s leaned toward this particular print. I've had this adorable vintage gingham dress for a couple years now and every time I wear it, I feel very lady-like. You probably remember seeing this dress in this blog styled slightly different (here and here) for different occasions. Today, I'm showing you how I styled it for a romantic brunch earlier in the week with my significant other. I love how it looks with dark tan accessories, because they add a bohemian/rugged touch to the preppy print. To make things even more girly, I decided to wear my chandelier large earrings and my woven vintage bag, which by the way, their styles are trending again.

Happy Easter everyone!

What to Wear on a Date to the Cinema #ApertureNight

To me, what to wear to the cinema depends on what type of activity will follow your movie night. If your movie night is part of a date with your significant other or a first date with a potential prospect, I recommend a semi-casual look. You don't want to wear something too dressy and complicated, unless you're both going to a formal event after the movie. I personally love easy and simple dresses or nice tailored jeans, with heels. On this occasion, I wanted to be comfortable while sitting for two hours, without sacrificing femininity, therefore, I chose to wear a comfortable denim shirt-dress and heel sandals (the weather was perfect for open toe shoes).

Denim and Nude Leather

Denim overalls street style look

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter week! This is a look with nude leather pieces that I wore earlier in the week. My jacket is a recent purchase, so I guess I can say that I started building this look around my jacket. I hope you like it.


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