Getting Ready For Fall/Winter = Timeless Boots

April 19, 2015

Sales are blooming all over the internet and at stores, so it's not a secret that at the end of winter and beginning of spring is the perfect time to shop for colder seasons. Not only will that pair of boots or shoes that you've been coveting over winter go on clearance in this season, but it may be your last chance to buy them. 
This is my latest shoe investment which I found on clearance at one of my favorites online stores. Regardless of the trends coming up for this fall/winter, these boots are going to make statement in my outfits for years to come and simply because they are classy and timeless.
 These Manolo Blahnik boots weren't an accidental find, because before I made this purchase, I was armed with the right information about them, as I do with most of the items in my wish list. Actually, this is one important tip that I really want to share with you. Next time you go shopping, try on the items you really love but you won't pay the full price. Take notes about their quality and sizing, so next time they go on clearance, you will be able to save some money and also you will not be scared by the "non returnable" warning in their description.

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