Sporty With Fur

Fur with leather street style

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had the chance to spend time with your loved ones. I had a wonderful time with my sons and my significant other. My oldest son came over with his girlfriend and their dogs. My youngest had a small break from college so he was able to travel back home. I can firmly say that I'm a very blessed with two great sons and I'm thankful to God every day for their life. 
Now, lets move on to my look. Today, I'm sharing with you an ensemble that I wore this Friday and I certainly had fun wearing it. I was in the mood for anything with fur, but I had to find the most appropriate piece for a casual look. I chose this fur/sweater jacket because it's easy to style and it looks great next to comfy shoes. As you can see, this look has a little bit of everything but at the same time, every single piece was very comfortable. You might ask, why a neck tie blouse? Well, I wanted to bring a soft and feminine touch to my bad-ass wannabe look.

Color Your Day

Red with orange street style

"Color-blocking is not the easiest trend to pull off successfully," right? ...and, what we're usually taught over and over is how to tone down, balance brights with neutrals and of course, not let bold colors overwhelm your ensemble, etc etc. Yes, all these teachings of how to color-color block can become handy if you want to do things by the book. On the other hand, if you want to express yourself and let your mind and personality take over, then by all means, forget those rules and do what feels right and looks right for you. 
I personally start with a color that is the most flattering on me or I'm in the mood for. When deciding on my second color, it depends on how I feel that day. Sometimes I feel like being a little brave and I choose a completely opposite color (complementary on the color wheel) to pair with my main piece, or sometimes I want to be more conservative and I go with a color with a similar hue (analogous on the color wheel). 
On this occasion, I decided to do an analogous color-blocking with my coat and pants. Then I supported my combo with a neutral colored sweater and shoes. I was feeling creative that day, so in order to break up my four-tone look, I decided to take a leopard printed bag with me.

What To Wear For Christmas Shopping On Black Friday

White with camel street style

That time of the year is here again! Everyone is trying to get ahead with their Christmas shopping. But who cares what you're gonna wear this Black Friday, right? The only thing that is in a lot of people's minds is how to get the best for your money. Sure! It's in mine too, however, I wish people would think twice about what to wear when going shopping. To me, there's no excuse for sloppiness mainly when you're going to be in public places. I hear many times this, "If I don't care, no body should care if I wear my pajama pants to shop!" Well, as Tom Ford said, "Dressing well is a form of good manners," and I strongly agree with that. In my humble opinion, you can dress comfortable without looking disheveled.

"Ok, Carelia, so what would you recommend to wear for going shopping?"
Well, let's start with layering accordingly. Around this time of the year the weather can be very cold, so I would recommend dressing warm, but with layers. This way, if you feel hot inside the stores, you can always remove them. I personally like to wear a comfy sweater underneath my coat. That way, if I feel really heated in the store, I can easily remove my coat and I still will have a sweater that keeps me toasty in case I start feeling cold again.

Now, lets talk about your bottoms. You don't need your pajamas or ugly holed sweatpants in order to feel comfortable when going shopping. Leave those garments for hanging out in your house. Instead, wear a pair of comfortable jeans. For example, you can wear a pair of boyfriend's style jeans or your skinny stretchy jeans and feel comfortable.

Accessories are also something that we might want to keep in mind when dressing for shopping.
If you don't know what type of bag to take with you, I can tell you that a cross-body bag or back pack will be your best bet. With these type of bags you will have your hands free to hold shopping bags or browse freely through clothing racks or shelves.
Dressing comfortable doesn't mean you are going to avoid a touch of glam. You can wear one or two pieces of jewelry but is best to keep it minimal. I don't know about you, but I hate the idea of losing my precious jewelry in-between the crowd or even getting stolen and it all depends where you're going shopping.
There are other accessories that are a must for me, but maybe not for you. For example, I always try to wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, because most of my shopping is done in outdoors malls, therefore, I like to protect my face and eyes from the sun rays.

And the last but MOST important thing for me and it should be for you, are the shoes. Comfort is what we need when deciding what shoes to wear to go shopping. When I say comfort, I'm not talking about your bedroom slippers...I'm talking about a pair of presentable shoes that offer great support and at the same time can compliment your chic ensemble. There are so many adorable sneakers that can look terrific with your skinny or boyfriend jeans. I personally love to go shopping with shoes with a little heel, because standing up in flats for long hours can give me terrible calf pain. Ankle boots are by far my favorite style shoes for long shopping days, but for running errands which involve getting in and out from my car, I prefer high-top sneakers.

Well, these were my few tips of what to wear for a long shopping day without looking sloppy and, by the way, the outfit I'm wearing in these pictures was a look that I wore on a shopping day.

Cocoon coat street style

White jeans black boots street style

Rhea ankle boots

Camel street style

I don't want to end this post without telling you about my new ankle boots by RHEA. They were sent to me as part of a collaboration. I test drove these babies in two different occasions before introducing them to you. Now I can tell you a fact about them. These shoes having a timeless/classic style (my type) and they are extremely comfortable. These boots are made of a soft water-resistant leather and they have non-slip outsoles, which make them perfect for all type of weather. I haven't tried them yet in the rain or snow, but I will this Christmas around the snowy grounds of Michigan.

Rhea booties

Booties: c/o RHEA. Use "mysmallwardrobe" code for a 15% off.
Jeans: Paige Denim. Similar style here.
Sweater: Kirna Zabete. Try this one.
Coat: Zara (old)
Hat: JC Penney. Try Aqua Basic.
Sunglasses: Yves Saint Laurent on sale.
Bag: Valentino

This blog post was brought to you in collaboration with RHEA Footwear. The review about this product was my personal and genuine opinion.

Coat Check? YES, Please!

Black peacoat street style

Someone recently asked me what were the most important fashion items for me around this time of the year and my answer was, "A great coat and lovely boots to go with it". I consider myself a shoe person, however, when I look in my wardrobe I can see that I'm also addicted to great coats. That being said, I always try to find the best my money can buy and preferably at on sale prices. And that's exactly how I found this terrific peacoat last week. I love the length , the color, the military-inspired style, the craftsmanship and mainly the way it looks on my 5'4, 125 lb body frame.
Earlier in the week, for a night out with my boyfriend, I decided to wear this classic coat with my timeless pointed-toe boots. I'm continuing wearing my plaid garments this month, therefore I also chose to wear with my coat a long plaid shirt with a wide belt over a sassy knit pleaded skirt.
Judging by the way this outfit look, I believe I just figured out how to elevate a plaid flannel shirt.

The 70's Today

1970's street style

The 70's trend is still going strong and I personally can't ignore it, because I simply adore all the silhouettes from that decade. I was born in the 70's, but I don't quite remember what people wore around that era. I was too little to know or even care about fashion. 
Fortunately, it's a fact that in fashion "what goes around comes around," so it shouldn't surprise us to see the 70's styles back in the game. All that being said, we need to be careful not to look too costumey when trying to achieve a 70's look or retro in general. In my opinion, we should stay away from wearing everything from the same decade. For a more wearable, retro-inspired look, our best bet is to mix and match vintage with contemporary pieces. I also believe that mixing garments from different past eras (I like 40's with 70's) can surprisingly achieve the same wearable effect. In fact, mixing eras may just be the most fun and exciting way to wear vintage!
Today, I styled a neutral-colored plaid coat with a 70's vibe by pairing it with a vintage A-line denim skirt and vintage sunglasses. The rest of the pieces are contemporary and classic which gave this ensemble a more realistic look that doesn't scream the word costume.

The Rise Of The Oversized Trend

Oversized street style

Pants, sweaters, jewelry, scarves, dresses, name it, everything is now available in oversized versions. This trend looks like it's picking up strength every year and I personally love the idea of comfortable clothes, however, we must be careful in how this trend is worn, because if it's overdone, it can look awkward. An easy way to sport this trend is by contrasting the oversized pieces with a slimline structure; that way we can create a stylish pairing. 
In today's look, besides combining oversized (sweater, scarf and earrings) pieces with slim ones (pants, shoes), I also wanted to have playing with textures and colors. And, as I did in another post, a great way to elevate oversized sweaters is to pair them with slick bottoms. These Jacquard skinny cropped pants seemed to be the right company for my oversized sweater as were my suede stiletto pumps.  The scarf was the final touch that glued all of the pieces together. 

Light Wash Denim, Tartan and Lace

How to dress up a denim skirt

One of the "good" things about not having a huge wardrobe is that you can exercise your creativity by mixing and matching pieces from your wardrobe.
In this occasion, I was trying to give extra mileage to my denim summer skirt by wearing it with more dressy pieces. Since the weather was a little bit chilly, I decided to do it with my classic tartan blazer and a fitted lace top in order to add a touch of glam. I know you've seen a lot of plaid this month in this blog, but my reason is that I have a few pieces of plaid that I've decided to put to work and besides, plaid prints are becoming my favorite so far.

Play With Plaid : Street Style Inspiration

All plaid street style

The power of plaid is inevitable in my wardrobe and because of that, I'm constantly browsing trough street-style pictures looking for inspiration. Today I'm sharing with you some plaid looks that I've found from several websites and I also included a couple of my looks.
I hope you enjoy them and can feel inspired as I did.

Elevate Your Knits and Cozy Up Your Leathers

Knit with leather outfit street style

What do you wear on a rainy day with 46 degree weather? Well, my answer is cozy, however, never sloppy. 
This is a look that I wore yesterday morning, which, despite the stiletto heels, I felt super comfy in it. I could have worn these knits with jeans, but they didn't look as sharp as they did with leather pants,  and besides, on rainy days, I want to have a little more fun with fashion in order to cheer me up.
I'm convinced that  my vintage leather pants were the best garment to bring some edge to a high & low sweater and an oversized Fair Isle scarf.

Warm, Cool and Wild

Tobacco color street style

I own a pair of cargo pants in army green color, however, I've been wanting to purchase some in a warm yet neutral shade. Luckily, I found this pair a couple days ago, but it didn't take too long for me to decide to style them with other pieces from my wardrobe. 
My appeal for tobacco, rust or neutral warm hues is getting stronger, therefore, I'm very delighted getting dressed around them this month. For this occasion, I paired my cargo pants with a classic-style cashmere sweater and velvet wedges (all in warm hues) in order to bring this utility garment to a luxurious level. When deciding what coat to wear, I was thinking about pairing it with another warm-colored piece, but a little voice in my head told me that I needed to bring a touch of fun. Well, one of the best coats that I could find in my wardrobe with that characteristic and also with the opposite color hue was this snow leopard cocoon coat. By adding a leopard print to this ensemble, besides bringing a wild and fun touch, it also contributed to create a more balanced look.

Got a Trench? November Rain is Here.

Rainy day outfit

Well, November's only just started and we've already experienced 48 hours of non-stop rain here in the Carolinas. I personally don't mind rain and I guess it's because I have the opportunity to wear trench coats like this classic midi-style which, in my opinion, is "a must have". I know that you've probably seen it before (click here for more looks) styled with jeans, dresses and even sweat pants, however, today I decided to wear it with a midi plaid skirt. Luckily, the skirt is shorter than the coat, so the proportions were just right. I usually like to wear something bright on rainy gray days, but this time I styled almost my entire rainy look with neutral colors. The boots are the only semi-bright touch and lips, of course.

Smokeless Tobacco

80's fashion street style

As I said in one of my Instagram pictures, my month of November looks will have tons of Autumnal hues and plaid prints. I can't help but love every warm and neutral shade that reminded me of the forest around this time of the year and fun plaids that can be paired with any color or print in my wardrobe.
Today, I'm welcoming the month of November with a cozy and yet fun tobacco colored garment. I love this tobacco color because, besides being a neutral color, it's also spicy enough to add a touch of fun to any look, for example, in this outfit.
While browsing the website and drooling all over their classic pieces, I saw this adorable shift skirt paired with a striped top. I know, I know... these type of skirts will look best on anyone with a blouse tucked in, however, I opted for a different styling and more challenging proportions by pairing it with this Chanel-esque boxy jacket. I chose this jacket not only because of its shape and fabric, but also because the soft pink color looked terrific against tobacco.


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