Slit Maxi Dress And Wedge Espadrilles

Slit maxi dress street style

I've been missing my boho outfits so much, but to my luck, earlier in the week, we had a heatwave  with strong winds, which is the perfect weather for wearing a lightweight garment. I was really itching for wearing my new Caster wedges, so how could I miss this chance. I mean this flowy dress calls for a perfect pair of spring-like shoes and what better than a classic pair of espadrilles? And by the way, how about those thigh-high splits in that dress? Well, I personally had my Oscar moment (thanks Angelina) when the strong wind was having its way with my dress.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Inspired By Bull Durham Movie

Bull Durham

Spring time is right around the corner and with it comes the start of one of America's favorites past times, baseball.
As I promised earlier in the month, today I'm dedicating my blogpost and outfit to the popular 80's baseball movie Bull Durham, starring Susan Sarandon and Kevin Costner. Susan plays Annie, a sassy teacher and score keeper of the Durham Bulls team, here in North Carolina. She wore classic and feminine looks with throw-back pieces, including a cinched waistline, A-line skirt, white Ked's kicks, sexy heels and off-the-shoulder tops. Well, you have to watch the movie to see more of her style and also the spicy love story between her and Kevin Costner.
At first, I wanted to wear my striped off-the-shoulder top with a solid color skirt, but I quickly changed my mind when I realized that I had a plaid full skirt that was going to look terrific with a solid off-the-shoulder top. Yes, I'm recreating one of her looks (favorite) in the movie, and of course, I put a personal touch in it.
After the photoshoot, my boyfriend and I decided to eat Seafood and spend fun time in town. I really enjoyed wearing this look, It made me feel very feminine and flirtatious.

Camouflage Bomber

Camo print street style

While camouflage prints may have originated in the military world, nowadays you can see it from fashion runways to household items. Whether for fashion or for function, camo is never totally out of style. I personally love anything military-inspired and you probably have noticed that already. I find it very fun to create a juxtaposition between masculine pieces with feminine and delicate ones. For example, today, I'm wearing a bomber camo jacket with a pair of classy and feminine shoes. A small detail, but also equally important, is my jewelry. I've opted for a delicate pair of earrings to soften up the strength of this print and style of jacket.

Breton Stripes

Breton stripes street style

If there's one print that most of us probably have in our wardrobes, it's the classic Breton stripe. This style was introduced in 1958 as the uniform of the French navy. Eventually Coco Chanel took notice of this print and incorporated to a nautical collection back 1971. Nowadays, you can see this print not only on cotton shirts, but also in dresses, pants, name it.
My look for today was inspired by that Navy French boy. Instead of wearing the classic Breton shirt, I'm wearing a tunic with this classic stripe over a simple pleated shirt. I accessorized this look with a few French-like pieces in order to complement the Breton striped tunic.

What Did I Learn About NYFW Street Style?

New York fashion week street style

New York fashion week street style

I learned one simple thing! Despite the excruciating cold weather, there are ways to bring fun in our outfits. These are the fun stylings that captured my attention from the internet and I am more than happy to share with you. I hope you find them inspiring as much as I did.

New York fashion week street style

New York fashion week street style

New York fashion week street style

New York fashion week street style

New York fashion week street style

New York fashion week street style

New York fashion week street style

New York fashion week street style

New York fashion week street style

New York fashion week street style

New York fashion week street style

New York fashion week street style

New York fashion week street style

New York fashion week street style

New York fashion week street style

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Double The Fun With A Matching Set Created On Your Own

Matching Set Look Street Style

Look twice as nice with a printed matching set created with different pieces from your wardrobe. I'm sure you are aware of this 70's trend going on strong for more than 2 years. This matchy-matchy trend can very fun, however, as all trends, not everybody will commit to them. So far, I've not been tempted to acquire a matching set, but that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy a similar effect with pieces that I already have in my wardrobe.
A matching set can also be done with two garments with the same print but in different sizes. For instance, in today's look I'm wearing a pair of pants with tiny white polka dots with a blouse with larger polka dots. If you ask me, I'm wearing a matching set that actually looks more interesting that wearing one with the exact print. You can also try this styling with stripes, floral..etc. Just remember, keep the larger print in the areas that you want to highlight and the smaller otherwise.
To add even more fun, I'm showing you this look worn with sneakers for day time and high heels for an evening out with friends.

Classic Wedge Espadrilles

Black espadrilles

It's never too early for starting to get ready for the next season's must-haves. A pair of classic espadrilles does come in very handy and when they're solid black, you pretty much can wear them with any outfit in warmer weather.
These are my new espadrilles by CastaƱer. If you notice, they have the classic wedge shape but the platform part is a little bit taller than their regular styles, which makes them even more comfortable.

Best espadrilles for Spring and Summer

These CastaƱer espadrilles are available HERE

Valentine's Day With Red Accents

Nautical look street style

Call it cherry, ruby or crimson, red is the color to wear now.  Red is a bright, bold and unapologetic color and sometimes can be a little intimidating, but that doesn't mean that you should stay away from it. If you are not used to wear red, begin wearing this color in small doses. For instance in this look, I'm wearing red only in my accessories and the rest of my outfit in neutral colors. In my opinion, this is the easiest way to sport this fearless color without looking overpowering.

I wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Snow Tubing

Ski pants fashion

I've been living in North Carolina for twenty years and I still haven't taken advantage or embraced the snow to the fullest. I grew up in a tropical climate country where there is no such thing as winter -- all year round is summer time. I've spent lots of outdoor time in the summer, but when winter approaches, I feel like there are so many more activities that I could be doing around this time of the year that I've not even considered yet.  This year, I decided to start getting involved with winter activities, but as a beginner, my boyfriend advised me to start with activities that don't require much skill.
For my 45th birthday celebration, we decided to go snow tubing in the North Carolina Appalachians. My boyfriend is from Michigan, therefore he already had the right gear for any type of snow sport or entertainment. I, on the other hand, had very few garments that I could use for snow activities. A day before our trip, we went to Eddie Bauer and I acquired a pair of snow pants. I had my Sorel boots and a warm jacket that I could use, but for now, I just needed a pair of pants to keep me dry and somewhat warm.
After a day full of fun activities, I realized that I needed to invest in a few more garments in order to enjoy the snow even more. At this moment I know I need a pair of goggles, an extra waterproof jacket and maybe a face mask to help keep my lips warm.

Sweet Meets Rebel For Valentine's

Ruffles street style

A casual Valentine's dinner followed by drinks at your favorite pub calls for a sweet and edgy look. A girly and romantic top paired with fierce garments will let him know that your manners can be soft like rose petals but your attitude sharp like thorns.
I've been known for playing with juxtaposition and also for pairing vintage with current trends and I really don't mind that reputation - I actually love to hear it. I've always said that my style is emotional. I never know what I'm going to wear the next day, but regardless what I decide to wear, I very often end up pairing my vintage finds with contemporary pieces or wearing two completely different style garments at once. Today's look is a perfect example of my favorite mixings.
I'm completely aware that with age comes changes; not only physicality but also mind-wise. I know my choices with fashion are evolving as I age, but one thing I can say that will never change is that no matter what I wear, it has to be fun for me. I don't want to wear otherwise.

Warm Shoulders With An Off-The-Shoulder Top

Off the shoulder street style

The first time I saw this top online, it reminded me of Susan Sarandon in the movie, Bull Durham (I'm planing to wear it like she did as well), I knew I could use it with several pieces in my wardrobe. The weather outside is still chilly for baring my shoulders, but I've had this top hanging in my closet for a few weeks now and I couldn't wait any more. I wanted to wear this top not only for a photoshoot, but to go brunch and run errands all day long. I could have layered it with a cardigan on top, but,  I also I wanted to show its sexy and simple style not only for the indoors, but outdoors as well.  I honestly never thought of wearing it over a button down shirt, but the circumstances forced me to be creative. In order to compliment the sophisticated yet sexy style of this top, I decided to wear my chic Mary Jane shoes. I wore a beret to match its retro style and obviously, the raw-hem cropped jeans were the casual modern touch that this look needed.

A Mix Of Prints, Textures And A Pop Of Color


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