Snow Tubing

February 12, 2016

Ski pants fashion

I've been living in North Carolina for twenty years and I still haven't taken advantage or embraced the snow to the fullest. I grew up in a tropical climate country where there is no such thing as winter -- all year round is summer time. I've spent lots of outdoor time in the summer, but when winter approaches, I feel like there are so many more activities that I could be doing around this time of the year that I've not even considered yet.  This year, I decided to start getting involved with winter activities, but as a beginner, my boyfriend advised me to start with activities that don't require much skill.
For my 45th birthday celebration, we decided to go snow tubing in the North Carolina Appalachians. My boyfriend is from Michigan, therefore he already had the right gear for any type of snow sport or entertainment. I, on the other hand, had very few garments that I could use for snow activities. A day before our trip, we went to Eddie Bauer and I acquired a pair of snow pants. I had my Sorel boots and a warm jacket that I could use, but for now, I just needed a pair of pants to keep me dry and somewhat warm.
After a day full of fun activities, I realized that I needed to invest in a few more garments in order to enjoy the snow even more. At this moment I know I need a pair of goggles, an extra waterproof jacket and maybe a face mask to help keep my lips warm.

Snow tubing in North Carolina

I can honestly say that I had a lots of fun snow tubing. I really can't wait to comeback, but with better gear in order to enjoy outdoors in the snow even longer time. By the way, I'm truly pleased with my new ski pants, they kept me warm and dry all day long.

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Pants: Eddie Bauer. Available here (on sale).
Vest: Patagonia. Available here.
Boots: Sorel. Buy here.
Boots: Hunter.
Gloves: Swix.
Pullover: Adidas. Similar here.
Sunglasses: Kate Spade and Gucci.

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