No Referee Needed

Track jacket street style

These days, it doesn't even matter if you play sports or if you go the gym in order to enjoy sportswear garments. We are stealing the game from athletes and making it our own and the best part is that there isn't a referee that will give us a red card if we don't fallow the rules.


Colorful look street style

I often get inspired by men's collections and this year I was very happy to see that Burberry incorporated retro-style track jackets in their Fall 2016 collection. I've said before that I'm very much into juxtaposition in fashion, therefore, mixing sporty pieces with completely different style garments is right up my alley (similar looks: hereherehere and here)


Outfit with track jacket

Today, I've styled NY Nets Adidas retro jacket (more looks: herehere and here) with colorful garments. The jacket itself is vibrant but I decided to kick it up a notch even more by wearing it with bright yellow shorts and striped blue shirt and clutch. Everything in life needs a smart balance, so I couldn't find better shoes than a pair of neutral color lady-like heels.

How to wear a track jacket

This particular track jacket is for men, but due its fabric and colors, it's also easy to style in different ways. Most track jackets are low maintenance, so you can machine wash and store pretty much anywhere.
Have you incorporated a track jacket in your wardrobe? This can be the fun and easy-to-wear piece that can bring a touch of fun to your Fall ensembles.

Track jacket street style

Jacket: Adidas (vintage). Similar/Shirt: Banana Republic. Similar/Shorts: Target. Similar/ShoesGianvito Rossi/Sunglasses: Ray-Ban for B&L (vintage 1980). New era/Clutch: Kate Spade: Similar/Jewelry: Vintage.

Track jacket street style outfit

Preppy street style

Preppy style outfit

Color block outfit street style

Multi buckle shoes trend

Colorful outfit

How to wear Adidas track jacket

Jacket tied around the waist street style


  1. Who cares about rules, anyway? The world is our oyster. The fashion scene, our playground. We make the rules, we break them, we have fun, yes? :) and whilst I adore your track jacket (note to self, get one), Carelia, I'm positively infatuated with the contrast trims of your button-down shirt!! Those solid touches of blue are so unexpected xoxo

    1. Yes, we have fun!!! I'm glad you liked this look.

  2. A very colourful outfit, i like it! Xoxo

  3. A very colourful outfit, i like it! Xoxo



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