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Mixed animal prints fashion trend

I like all kind of prints, but when deciding which ones are my favorites, I would say, animal prints are the ones that excite me the most.
Every time I want to ramp up my style, I know I can count on animal-inspired prints to do the job. There are so many possibilities with wild prints - I mean you can creatively mix and match them with any color or print. With that in mind, today I decided to share with you an outfit with three different animal prints. I will usually pair my leopard prints with prints such as stripes or dots, but this time I felt brave enough to wear it with other animal prints.
As you can see, all three prints share at least one color in common in between them, which is something that we should consider when mixing prints. I also wore pants and shoes (I'm obsessed with my boots) with colors that coordinated all the patterns and helped to ground things out.
At the end of the day and after seeing these photos, I was really surprised and delighted by the unique way my leopard coat looked next to other wild prints.
Once again, I proved to myself that only way to find the potential of my wardrobe is by thinking outside the box.

Leopard coat: Loft. Similar/Snake-print top: Equipment. Similar/High-rise pleated pants: Similar/Platform boots: Kurt Geiger/Sunglasses: Tom Ford/Quilted bag: Kate Spade. Similar/Alligator leather belt: Vintage. Similar/Snake bracelet: Vintage. Similar.

Outfit with mixed animal prints

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Mixed animal prints



  1. Love your coat! Right now I'm obsessed with leopard print. Your coat is amazing, love the grey and blue colours!


    1. Thank you!! Leopard is the best print to be obssesed with. 😉

  2. Perfect styling, love the pants, the boots, and the whole picture! Leo is timeless!! xx Dolna



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