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Staying fit after 40+ has been a bit of challenge for me, and guess it's because I wasn't ready for body changes and limitations.
For the last two decades, I focused on running dirt trails more than any other exercise. It was really the only passion I had as a workout. About 4 years ago, I started having problems with my right rotator cuff. In fact, the symptoms started right after a tumor was removed from that shoulder. However, being a runner, having to deal with the issue wasn't too burdensome, since you don't use your shoulders too much when you run. Then, almost two years later, I suffered a lower back injury. This was very frustrating for me, obviously due to the excruciating pain and that I couldn't run while going through the therapy. The truth is that even walking became extremely painful. Six months later after I was fully recovered, I realized that I couldn't afford to continue ignoring my upper body and that it needed as much attention as my legs.
I love the outdoors, so I knew that running and hiking was still going to be part of my exercise routine. However, I started to consider those P90X videos sitting in my home gym. A few months later, I was finally in a happy place, with my back feeling great and still getting the cardio that I've always enjoyed.

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Unfortunately, not all good things last long...yes, another body issue was starting to affect me. At the beginning of this year, I begin to feel a sharp pain in my right knee. Now, what was going on? Well, I guess all those years from running have left me with a concerning knee issue. All of a sudden, the strongest parts of my body and the ones I always felt proud of, my legs, were also giving me trouble. So here I am again, trying to figure out how to get the cardio that I'm used to without worsening my knee because I want surgery to be the last option. So, a few weeks ago, I finally retired from running, and now I'm embracing a new exercise. Yes, I'm a power walker and surprisingly, I'm enjoying every bit of it. When I see runners passing me by, I get the feeling of peace and satisfaction that I've been there and done that and now it's time for me to accept my limitations and make the best out of them. I'm at a peaceful place with my body and I'm continuing to challenge it but in a different way. Soon, I'll be welcoming a rowing machine (I had to say bye to the idea of Gucci loafers) and I'm planning to give it my all because my back and shoulders are stronger than ever...and my knees are going to love my new low-impact workout.

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I'm sharing this story with you because I would love to motivate the ones that are going trough a similar situation and hopefully make them reconsider their workout choices.  I often receive messages through my Instastories about my workout routines, challenges...etc. I'm thrilled to learn that I'm inspiring others and I want for you to know that I have challenges like anyone at my age. However, I love the idea that with age comes wisdom, and so is the ability to recognize our weakness and focus on our strengths.
Ok, I better end this right here because the carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand is kicking

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