One Woman Army

Last week, my husband and I decided to run some errands in Raleigh, NC (1.5 drive from home) and for the occasion, I decided to dress casually. When going on road trips, I often like to wear outfits with masculine vibes because honestly, they are the most comfortable. Keep in mind that when I say comfortable, I don't mean sloppy - I still want to look presentable enough to be seen in public. That day I wasn't planning for a photo-shoot but after seeing this vintage army jeep parked outside a local brewery, we decided to take a couple of photos. The look I was wearing seemed to be ok for the masculine ambiance but it would have been better if I was wearing something with a military vibe.

As you can see, this look is a mix of different styles (western, nautical, preppy, rebel...etc), however, it doesn't look confusing and maybe is because all share the same color hardware.
Talking about hardware, lately, I've seen myself leaning toward silver jewelry more than usual. I feel like silver jewelry/hardware is more edgy than gold, therefore, perfect for adding instant coolness to simple looks. Agree?

Pullover: Armor Lux. Similar/Jeans: J Brand. Similar/Jacket: Vintage. Similar/Shoes: Gucci/Necklace: Similar/Earrings: Robert Lee Morris/Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Vintage. New style.


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