My New Red Heels And My Obsession With Their Style

February 17, 2018

To me, my shoes are an extension of my legs, therefore, they should be just right for my feet, my body and my posture. You have no idea how many shoes (mainly pumps) I've purchased with the hopes that they will be the ones that will satisfy my high expectations. I really can't count how many shoes I've sold, despite their beauty, because they stretched out too much after a few wears or had a poor fit.
One thing I've learned about buying shoes, in general, is that quality has nothing to do with comfort. A shoe can be beautifully and carefully crafted, but unfortunately, they don't have to be necessarily perfect for every foot, for every leg or for every posture. Yes, I said posture because this is something that you also have to take into consideration when buying shoes.

Today's post is about my love (and now my obsession) for Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps. I know Louboutin is noticed for making sexy shoes that aren't quite comfortable, but that reputation is part truth and part falsehood, at least for my own experience.

For the longest time, I've been looking for the perfect pumps for my high-arched feet and narrow heels. You can name any brand and I've probably tried it. Luckily, back in 2014, my husband (my boyfriend at that time) gave me a pair of Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps in regular leather. I've owned other CL styles but that was the first time I was going to try on a pair of the classic Pigalles.

From the moment I put those shoes on and walked around my house, I felt like the shoes were actually part of my leg. It was like they were made for my feet and seamlessly followed the shape of my legs and I also felt like my body posture wasn't forced forward or any other direction. Most importantly, my feet weren't experiencing pain. I also noticed that my body felt relaxed and moved naturally while wearing the shoes.
To make the story short, I used and abused those pumps for almost two years. Unfortunately, I scraped them very bad after not paying attention where I was going (blaming my phone!). So I ended up selling them. I must tell you that those shoes resale value is great even for those that were sold as damaged.

Soon after I sold my old ones, I decided to purchase another pair but in patent leather, which I prefer now for classic and solid-colored pumps.
This year, I've been so lucky to actually bring two more new pairs to my wardrobe. The nude pair was gifted to me a couple weeks ago and the red pair that was a treat to myself for my birthday.
I'm so excited because I know for fact the Pigalles (not Pigalles Follies) are perfect pumps for me. I should not look any further for another style of pumps in the future.

I'm very thrilled about my new red pair because they fit as expected and also for the gorgeous color. I always loved the red hue of Louboutin soles, so having a pair that actually matches the sole is like a dream come true. This shoe is even more elegant because it has the appearance of not having any seam. Someone said that we should consider red heels like the Italian sports car of shoes. I agree, and since red is my favorite bright color, I will be wearing them more often than people drive their Italian sports cars.


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