Dolce Vita Jax Booties

September 22, 2012

We recently traveled to Grand Rapids and while we were there I pretty much wore my Dolce Vita Jax booties during the day. I can't believe how comfortable these boots are. I walked all over the city while enjoying the ArtPrize event and I also walked a lot while visiting a few little towns around Lake Michigan. At the beginning I was a little concerned about the toe box area, since it felt a little snug when I wore them for the first time. But they stretched right out after the second time I wore them. Now besides my Gucci Montana boots and Acme vintage boots, I have my third favorite western-style boot and in dark brown as I wanted for long time. I am all set for this Fall.
Here are several pictures of my visit to Michigan along with my outfits.

Recientemente viajamos a Grand Rapids y mientras yo estaba por allá me puse estos botines de Dolce Vita casi todos los días. Son increiblemente comfortables. Yo caminé por toda la ciudad viendo las obras de arte del evento de ArtPrize y también las usé cuando fuí de visita por unos pueblitos en las orillas del lago de Michigan. Al principio estaba un poquito preocupada porque me quedaban apretaditas en el área de los dedos, pero la segunda véz que me las puse se ajustaron perfectamente a mis pies. Ahorita pues ya estoy contenta porque además de mis botas Gucci Montana y de mis Acme antiguas, ya tengo otro par comfortable de botas de estilo vaquero y café obscuro que ya tanto las necesitaba.
Aquí unas fotos de mi visita a Michigan y de mis conjuntos.

Skirt/Falda: Vintage. Also worn HERE and few more times HERE.
Purse/Cartera: Cuore and Pelle
Booties/Botines: Dolce Vita "Jax" (buy here)
Hat/Sombrero: BCBG
Sunglasses/Gafas: RayBan
Shirt/Camisa: Gap
Sweatshirt/Sudadera: Gap (men's department)

Dolce Vita Jax boots
Cuore and Pelle Bag
Dolce Vita Jax Boots
Dolce Vita Jax booties
Cuore and Pelle
Rayban Aviators Outfit
Owl Sweatshirt/Sudadera con búho: Target
Skirt/Falda: It was a gift from friend (Adele) purchased in Anthropologie
Jacket/Chaqueta: Kenneth Cole (Thrifted in Grand Rapids)
Graphic sweater street style
Printed pencil skirt
Anthropologie pencil skirt
Dolce Vita Boots


  1. Those legs!
    Great outfits and pics!

    1. Thanks girlfriend!!! I hope you are having fun in the Islands.

  2. omg! You look fabulous ! Especially Hat adds a little bit masculine note here and this makes the whole image balanced!!!!


    1. Thanks!! I am a hat person. I personally find men hats more appealing than girly hats. They just bring more character to a feminine outfit.


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