Cobalt Blue Coat

December 12, 2014

Colorful Winter outfit

In my opinion, the first piece of clothing that most people notice on you during the cold months of the year is your coat, and with that in mind, I keep eye out for beautiful and fun pieces when I shop. 
For example, this vintage coat immediately got my attention, due to its striking shade of blue, classic shape and impeccable craftsmanship. I was lucky to find this coat in a recent visit to Grand Rapids, MI at a wonderful vintage store called Lost & Found for a very reasonable price.
In this occasion, I decided to wear it with similar happy colors and a tropical printed skirt in order to brighten a such gloomy morning.

En mi opinión, la primera pieza de ropa que la mayoría de la gente nota durante los meses friolentos del año es el abrigo, y con eso en mente, mantengo mis ojos abiertos en busca de abrigos hermosos y divertidos cuando voy de compras.
Por ejemplo, este abrigo de vendimia inmediatamente me llamó la atención, debido a su sorprendente tono de azul, corte clásico y su confección impecable. Tuve la suerte de encontrar este abrigo en mi reciente visita a Grand Rapids, MI en una tienda vintage súper estupenda llamada Lost & Found por un precio muy razonable.
En esta ocasión, decidí llevarlo con colores alegres y una falda con estampado tropical con el fin de alegrar esa mañana que estaba sombría y muy fría. 

Outfit with cobalt blue

Maxi coat street style

Outfit with tropical print skirt

What to wear with cobalt blue

How to wear colorful clothes in winter

How to dress colorful in Winter

Coat/Abrigo: Vintage
Skirt/Falda: Vintage
Long sleeve T-shirt/Camiseta de manga larga: J.Crew
Boots/Botas: Luciano Padovan 
Beanie/Gorra: Gap
Sunglasses/Gafas: Valentino "Rockstud"
Bag/Bolso: Carlos Falchi (vintage)

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  1. YES! YES! I love this look Carelia! Such a cheery mix of pattern and colour! And the vintage coat is a great find! Love those bound buttonholes!

    PS - Only you could wear a Canadian style touque and look totally adorable in it!

    1. Thanks Sue! I'm really in love with it. This coat is heavier than most of my coats and extremely warm. Btw, thanks for the compliment about my beanie and I didn't know this is a Canadian style…thanks to you, I learned something new today ;-)

  2. Gorgeous outfit, and definitely going shopping for similar boots now

    1. Thanks Nicolene! I'm sure you will find a fantastic pair.

  3. Oh this would brighten up any gloomy day! Gorgeous blue coat and such a happy, fun skirt - completely lovely together with your cool boots!

    1. Thanks Natalia! I'm glad you like this combo. I needed a happy combo to bright my day.


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