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December 14, 2015

All neutral colors street style

I believe I've been staring too much at Gucci Fall Winter 2015 Runway Collection! But what's not to love about it; it's colorful, artistic, it has a retro vibe of all, it's very feminine. I certainly can't afford those Gucci runway prices, but what I can do is look trough my wardrobe and find the right pieces to recreate their collection's vibe in my own way. Unlike Gucci collection, the look I've come up with consists of only neutral colors. Don't get me wrong - I completely love those beautiful colors, but this time I was in the mood for only muted tones. Maybe in the near future I'll recreate one of their looks with more vibrant pieces, but for now, I'm enjoying these earth tones hues which, by the way, look terrific with denim blue.
As I said too many times before, I love to mix vintage and new in order to create fun and unique looks. What you're seeing here in this retro geek-like outfit, is a vintage 70's skirt and a 60's coat paired with contemporary pieces, which the funny thing is that they're actually vintage-inspired.

Retro geek look street style

Beret street style

My cuties, they're so adorable! Pictures don't do them justice. Pretty soon, I'll send them to put a sole protector, as I do with all my thin leather sole shoes. By the way, once again I want to mention in case you want to know that I  send my shoes to Santana Creative, here in North Carolina. They also have a store in Atlanta and Florida. I personally like to take care my shoes, because they're simply the foundation of my outfits, and besides, well taken care of shoes can make any budget outfit look more polished.

Isabel Marant Flats

Clubmaster sunglasses street style

Gold watch street style

Head to toe neutral outfit

You can't be a geek-chic girl without a timepiece and nobody can ever go wrong by wearing a classy and simple style wristwatch. I have a small wrist, but despite that, I prefer men's size watches.

Gold watch trend

Retro modern look street style

Watch: Bulova. Similar here (men's size like mine) by Bulova as well and Women's size here.
Flats: Isabel Marant (sold out). Make your's with a similar style to order here
Sunglasses: Tom Ford.
Beret: Kangol
Blouse: Loft  (on sale and 40% more at checkout)
Skirt: Vintage.
Coat: Vintage. Similar here by Cinzia Rocca 
Bag: Kate Spade
Earrings: Zara

Recreate with actual Gucci pieces:

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