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April 18, 2016

Head scarf street style

No no no, this blog post isn't about wine, it's actually about an interview with OnlineShoes.com.
I was asked to select two pairs of cork shoes and style them the way I wanted. Well, I decided to select a casual and a semi-dressy style, I knew both styles were going to be comfortable and yet stylish, therefore was easy for me to decide what to wear with them.
Throughout this post, I'll share with you some style questions by OnlineShoes.com and my answers, that way you get to know a little bit more about some of my style preferences. But Before you read the rest of this post, I wanted to tell you that I had a blast styling these shoes. Once again, I  could prove to myself that I don't need to sacrifice style for comfort, because like in this case, I had both.
Photos were taken at Shelton Vineyards and Old Salem.

These are my answers to their fun questions:

1. Sandal season is here again! What is your go-to style when it comes to sandals?
I'm a fan of all type of sandals in general. It's hard to have a favorite, but if I must pick one, I would say any type of wedge and if it's made with natural materials (rope, cork, wood, leather, cotton etc) it's even better.

2. Do you have a signature style for spring?
I really don't have a signature style for any season, because I usually dress according to my mood. I'm an emotional fashionista, but I tend to wear clothes that showcase my shoulders or legs around this time of the year.

3. Have you worn shoes with a cork footbed before?
Absolutely! What I like about cork shoes besides feeling super comfortable on your feet and through the body (my back is always thankful every time I wear them) is that they are also environmentally friendly.

Vineyard outfit

4. How does the weather in North Carolina, where you live, dictate your style in spring/summer?
You really have to look at the weather channel app before you get dressed in North Carolina. The weather here can be unpredictable. One day you have a sunny 75 degrees and the very next day you are dealing with a 45 degree chilly and cloudy day. I always try to keep my coats and my shorts available (mainly around this time of the year) because I know I'll be relying on them all year long.

5. Do you put style before comfort, comfort before style or do you like to find a nice balance?
I like to find a nice balance as much as I can.  Even when I buy stilettos, I try to find the pair that suits my foot shape (arch, width, etc) as much as possible. I always believe that if I feel comfortable in a pair of shoes, regardless of the style, I automatically feel confident and stylish. To me, nothing kills the look of an outfit on a person than someone walking with some pain or discomfort (trust me, it has happened to me).

What to wear to a vineyard

6. What’s the most comfortable pair of shoes you’ve ever owned? 
In general, the most comfortable pair of shoes I ever had are my Adidas trail sneakers (dirt trail runner for 18 years). I've tried several, but I keep coming back to my Adidas. The overall support is superb but the stability that they offer when running uneven ground is the best. 

7. What made you choose the two cork sandals that you decided on? 
The brand. Why? because of experience, I know that both brands make comfortable and reliable shoes. 

Birkenstocks street style

8.  We love how you styled the Birkenstock Madrid’s, can you talk us through your outfit choice for the style?
For a visit to a nearby vineyard, I decided to wear my sandals with a denim-on-denim look. Since the weather was in the lower 60s, I was fine wearing a denim jacket over a thin t-shirt. I usually like to go with boho-type looks when visiting vineyards, therefore my wide-legged vintage jeans came in handy. I wore a headscarf because I was feeling more feminine than usual and with my vintage sunglasses, I believe I had the retro look down pat. The cork slide sandals were the easy and modern touch to this retro and casual look.

9. Birkenstock sandals are known for their laid-back, comfortable style and are having a major comeback lately – can you speak on this a little bit?
You know, I'm so glad they are back in style, because besides the comfort factor, now the manufacturer is making a variety of cute styles to choose from. This is a great sandal and it can be styled so many different ways...just do a Google search for "Birkenstocks street style" and you will see how bloggers and street-style divas have come out with looks no one thought possible with these sandals.

70's style fashion

10. Do you have any style ‘rules’ when it comes to wearing Birkenstocks? 
No rules at all. I have even worn them with socks to walk my dog, Elvis. But I've also worn them with black and white lace dresses for casual yet stylish afternoons.

Birkenstock sandals street style

Ethnic accessories street style

11. We love how you styled the Via Spiga Kezias, where would be your ideal place to wear these to? 
You name it...I would wear these wedges to pretty much anywhere, including to church. You can give them a casual spin by wearing them with a distressed pair of jeans or a girly touch by wearing them with an off-the-shoulder dress as I did. At the office? sure...wear them on Fridays with your favorite dark-rinse flared jeans and a tailored blazer over a crisp button-down shirt. Church?

Off-the-shoulder dress street style

Off the shoulder dress street style

12. When it comes to rocking cork footbeds and wedges, do you have any do’s or don’t’s? 
A "do" for me is always to try to wear all my shoes with confidence and cork shoes are not the exception, but in order to achieve that, they need to have the right fit and style for me.
And a don't is that I never attempt to wear them for a workout or do any type rigorous outdoor activity. Corks sandals are comfortable, but they're not made for those type of activities.

Off the shoulder trend street style

Off the shoulder dress street style

Ethnic accessories street style

Off the shoulder dress street style

13. What’s your spring must-have fashion accessory?  
Beautiful heels. This must-have hardly ever changes, because I'm shoe addict and I know...I'm not alone.

Cork Wedges street style

Today I'm wearing:

Birkenstocks "Madrid": c/o OnlineShoes.com.
Denim jacket: J.Crew (old). See a newer style here.
Pants: Vintage. Check this out by Michael Kors.
Scarf: H&M. I'm seriously considering this one by ASOS.
Tote: Vintage. How adorable is this one by Trina Turk
Sunglasses: Chanel (vintage). I found this similar style by Freida Rothmans.

Second outfit:
Via Spiga "Kezias": c/o OnlineShoes.com.
Dress: Zara (sold out). This is a cute one by ASOS  and plus sizes here.
Clutch: Anthropologie (old) Love this from Revolve or this by Steve Madden.
Sunglasses: Givenchy (vintage). See this retro-inspired style here.
Necklace: Handmade in Kenya. (local African boutique).

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