The Perfect Fur For This Winter Brrr

December 16, 2016

Crop fur coat street style

Fur coats are often symbolized with luxury, great taste and elegance. It's a piece of garment that many women would love to have in their wardrobe. That being said, not many of us can afford or want to wear a brand new real fur. I personally love vintage furs because, besides contributing to recycling, I can acquire better-made furs (real or faux) at a fraction of the price of a new fur by a high-end brand. Just recently I found this gorgeous brown faux fur at my local vintage shop (see video from Instastories). I was very excited when I saw it because its style was boxy and short. Yes, its style is just like the ones trending these days, which by the way, most of them are vintage-inspired.

I have a couple more fur coats (see here and here) that come in really handy every winter, mainly in January when it's the coldest here in North Carolina. All of my furs are short, therefore a bit more practical and versatile. Shorter fur coats don't feel as dressy, so you can easily pair them with jeans or another casual garment without looking over-the-top.

Crop fur coat street style

Crop fur coat street style

And because I'm very happy with my short fur coats (I still want a long one in black, though) I've created a collage with my favorite faux furries available online. If you've noticed, they are all short and boxy, just like the fur coats I own. These styles are perfect to keep you warm without compromising your chic style.

Coat one, two, three (beautiful shearling), four, five (amazing colors), six, seven (my favorite), eight and nine.


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