Gucci Jordaan Loafers :: Souvenir From Aspen, Colorado

May 12, 2017

Gucci Jordaan loafers street style

My husband and I decided to spend seven days in Colorado to celebrate our first wedding anniversary (more details coming up in a later post). Many of you followed my Instastories, so you probably know details about the entire trip. After days of hiking and visiting various wonders of mother nature, we decided to spend the actual anniversary day in Aspen. I was really curious about the town and its surroundings. After a walk around town, I couldn't ignore the fact that they have a Gucci store. As many of you know, I've been dreaming about a black pair of Gucci loafers. I had no intentions to buy them, but I wanted to try them on in case one day I decided to get them 😉. To make this story short, I walked out of the store carrying the cutest shopping bag with a pair of Gucci loafers inside. My husband titled it as "my anniversary present" 😘

Gucci loafers street style

The customer service at the store was beyond great. Natalia and Davide managed to sell me on a pair of Jordaan loafers in less than 15 minutes. I guess I was so ready for them, that it didn't take long for them to convince me. So far, I've worn them three times. The first time, I wore them for about 3-4 hours to a night out in Denver; then next day for touring around the city. Yesterday, I wore them for brunch, grocery shopping and for this photo shoot.

Gucci Jordaan Loafers

I know there are so many other loafer brands on the market with really good quality, however, a pair of Gucci loafers have been a dream of mine since my early thirties. The craftsmanship of these shoes is beyond great, however, I'll not give them a complete review until I wear them for a year or so.
This type of loafer will need a little bit of breaking-in time. My advice is to wear them with invisible socks, mainly if your feet perspire in warmer weather. If you're planning to invest in a pair, I will recommend to size down a half of size. I'm a 37.5 or 38 in Italian shoes, but I was advised to get size 37. I'm glad I did. Just with three wears, the shoe stretched out like half a size. Now the shoes feel super comfortable all around.

Gucci loafers street style

I've talked to you before about my issue with having narrow and short heels, therefore, I always have a gap at the back of the shoes. These shoes are no different. I could have crammed my feet into a 36 and I will still have a gap in the back. I totally gave up trying to avoid that space in between my heel and the shoes. I'm convinced that regardless of the brand of the pumps, flats, loafers and even low-cut sneakers, I will always have that gap. 😞

Gucci Jordaan loafers review

Gucci loafers street style

White retro sunglasses street style

Gucci Jordaan loafers street style

White sunglasses street style

Gucci Jordaan loafers street style

Gucci loafers

This is an Instagram photo that my husband took when I was so excited around those beauties and also trying to decide between the Brixton and Jordaan styles. By the way, I chose the Jordaans because they have a more elegant shape, the leather seemed to be more durable and the back of the shoe is narrower and shorter than on the Brixton. In this picture, you can see a pair black loafers on the top shelf, which are Brixton style and the ones on the shelf below it are the Jordaan. The main difference between the two styles is that the Brixton can fold down in the back, due to the soft leather, allowing them to be worn like mules. The Jordaans are made with a more rigid and durable leather and can only be worn as a regular loafer.

Gucci store in Aspen


  1. Une femme8:32 PM

    They look great! I love my of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own, and consider them a good investment.

  2. Thank you!! It's hard to go wrong with these beauties. I'm glad to hear that you are loving yours.


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