Practicality Meets Fantasy and Femininity

August 5, 2017

Workwear Jacket Street Style

I recently acquired a couple of classic garments from one of my favorite French brands. Both items are high-quality pieces that are functional and aesthetically pleasing.
As you know me, I love to play with juxtaposition and that was the exact word that crossed my mind when I saw these pieces.
Denim, twill, and canvas workwear were mostly worn by men, but luckily things are changing and gender-neutral fashion is becoming the new normal. I personally love to see how creative women make masculine-inspired pieces very interesting by wearing them with items with the opposite style.

Nautical style outfit

As you can see, I styled my Vetra jacket with feminine pieces in order to create a fun juxtaposition. I chose to wear a belt that has a fish scale pattern and a flower on the buckle because I thought it was the right accessory to add some bling and fantasy to my ensemble.

The day of this photo shoot I had to be in two different places that required different dress codes. I wore this look for the semi-dressy part of my day, and for the rest of the day, I wore the same jacket and top with more laid-back and equally chic pieces. I will be sharing my casual look on my next blog post, so stay tuned.

Jacket and top:Vetra and Orcival/Shoes: Gianvito Rossi.

Workwear Jacket Street Style

Multi strap shoes trend

Workwear Jacket Street Style

Metallic Belt Street style

Metallic Belt Street Style


Vetra Jacket

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