How I Made My Weekend Outfit Suitable For Work On Monday

September 17, 2017

How To Wear Olive Green

Happy Monday!!! Well, as I promised, here is my weekend outfit but with a few changes that made it suitable for the office.
As you can see, I buttoned up my blouse, removed my long pendant necklace and I also removed the hat. All those changes were done in order to make my ensemble to look simpler because by adding my versatile plaid blazer I created a pattern mix that didn't need too many accessories. I also switched my whicker bag for a more dressy style, however, with a similar neutral color that helped to keep the look quiet, but fun. Adding a belt was important because it brings the outfit together and it also makes my cotton wide-leg pants look more polished.

Wearing several prints for the office can be fun, but it needs to be done strategically. For example, in this look, I mixed three different printed pieces that share similar colors within themselves, which helped to make a bond with each other. Since the entire outfit is in neutral hues, it was easier to wear more than one print in a subtle way.

How To Wear Olive Green

I changed my sandals for classic leopard pumps which are obviously perfect for work. I always preach about the importance of having in our wardrobes shoes with simple lines and outstanding craftsmanship. Great shoes can definitely make your affordable garments look refined and even expensive.

Classic Leopard Pumps Street Style

Last month, I started a new tag named "Monday Work Outfit". If you want to have a quick access to the looks under this tag, just go the top of the blog and find it inside the "Outfits" tab. I will try my best to post a couple of work-appropriate looks per month. I hope you can find them useful.


Blazer: Ralph Lauren/Pumps: Jimmy Choo/Pants: Anthropologie/Blouse: Equipment/Earrings: Vintage/Bag: Kate Spade/Belt: J. Crew/Sunglasses: Kate Spade. 

How To Wear Olive Green

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How To Wear Olive Green


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