Bermuda Shorts For Monday Work Outfit

October 8, 2017

Bermuda Shorts Street Style

You are probably saying "shorts in the office?", and my answer is, "Why not?" That being said, it can be done, depending on what industry you are in. For example, financial institutions have a more formal office dress code, therefore, this styling would be out of the question. I'm dedicating this week's "Monday Work Outfit" to the audience that works in a more creative environment, in which the dress code is more flexible.
I'm a fan of Bermuda shorts and enjoy styling them in different ways but today is the very first time that I'm showing you an office-friendly look with these type of shorts. By the way, the weather was very warm on the day of this shoot, so I found this look very weather-friendly as well.

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I like to share a couple of personal tips for wearing shorts at the office, assuming that you have flexibility with your dress-code at work:

1. Regardless of how informal your work environment is (unless that's actually your work uniform) stay away from Daisy Duke shorts. Yes, the kind of shorts that will show your glutes. This is not an appropriate look, period.

Bermuda Shorts Street Style

2. For an office environment, consider wearing longer shorts such as Bermuda shorts. Also, keep in mind the fit and fabric. Dressier short trousers made out of chino or light wool/cotton material will definitely make you look more polished. For example, the ones I'm wearing today are tailored (not tight) and the fabric is nice enough to make them look office-suitable.

3. Avoid too low rise of shorts! You want to be able to move in and out from your chair without worrying about your shirt coming untucked from your shorts. Comfort is a key element when dressing for work, so it's important that your office look in general, is movement-friendly.

4. Aim for neutral colors. It's a no-brainer that classic colors such as navy, black or khaki, besides being versatile, they can elevate the look of your shorts.

5. Pair your shorts with delicate pieces such as a silk button-down blouse or a silk scarf. I'm pretty sure by now you've already realized that my favorite blouses are made of silk. The feel, the look, and the versatility are some of the many characteristics of a great button-down silk blouse that has kept me hooked since a young age. A soft fabric blouse can give your shorts a delicate and yet professional look.

Shorts Suit Street Style

And last but not least, wear your shorts with dressy and structured pieces. Pair your shorts with your blazers such as the ones with a plaid print or a solid color. In this ensemble, I paired a blazer and shorts that I bought separately, however, their shade of black was close enough that, by wearing them together, I created a suit effect. Don't forget about your accessories as well. Classic well-groomed shoes and bags will definitely elevate the look of your shorts.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my ensemble and reading my few personal tips. I'm always open to comments and suggestions.

Slingback Pumps Street Style

Bermuda shorts: Theory/Blazer: Banana Republic/Blouse: The Fable/Shoes: Manolo Blahnik/Scarf: H&M/Bag: Kate Spade/Sunglasses: Tom Ford.

Bermuda Shorts  Street Style

Shorts Suit Street Style


Shorts Suit Street Style

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