A Look Back To My 2018 Outfits - Part II

December 23, 2018

Spring and Summer of 2018 were about having fun in wine country. We live 40 minutes away from many wineries and vineyards in North Carolina, therefore, we don't mind to visit them often. I love to wear easy breezy styles for wine tasting during Spring and Summer, so you will see in this preview some looks within that style. You'll notice that during these seasons, besides wearing my sandals and espadrilles, I continue wearing my classic pumps. As I said many times before, pumps are my favorite style shoe.  I love Spring time, however, I don't care much for hot and humid summers, so I think my style suffers when the weather is cruel like that. I know, I'm not alone with this sentiment.
Let's move to my looks from 29 to 47.

Look 29

Look 30

Look 31

Look 32

Look 33

Look 34

Look 35

Look 36

Look 37

Look 38

Look 39

Look 40

Look 41

Look 42

Look 43

Look 44

Look 45

Look 46

Look 47


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