Hello Chicago!

December 3, 2014 Chicago, IL

Street style in Chicago

It has been almost a week without posting an outfit on  my blog due to busy holiday traveling, however I have been posting updates in my Instagram daily.
One of the places I visited this past week was Chicago (I never get enough of it) and this is one of the looks I wore while in the area. That day was around 45 degrees and the wind was mild, so I was able to put away my beanie hat and my puffer and sport around a more stylish coat.

Outfit with long leopard coat

Loft leopard coat

What to wear in Winter in Chicago

Leopard coat street style

Outfit with Frye Sabrina boots

And these are some of the pictures from Instagram while in Grand Rapids and Chicago

Chicago in Christmas

Madcap Cafe

Marie Catrib's Restaurant

Hunter boots in the snow

Founders Brewery

Meijer Gardens

Frye Sabrina boots


  1. What a beautiful chic coat! Chicago looks festive, and you seem to have such a fun time there. Love all the photos, especially good to see your happy smiles with sun shining all over you two! Enjoy your holiday, Carelia! xxx

    1. Thanks Natalia!! We had a wonderful time despite the cold weather and a couple migraines. I love Chicago, I can't wait to go back.


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