How To Wear White Kicks Without Looking Like A Tourist

January 31, 2016

How to wear white sneakers

Stark-white kicks are no longer the choice for tourists only. Nowadays (since four years ago to be exact), they have become a fashion statement for both men and women. I honestly believe this trend is not slowing down any time soon. I decided to take part in it, because I love styling around sneakers in general and also because I've lately been into a white-color obsession.
Now, the only question is: Can we kick them? Well, wearing all white sneaks can be a tad intimidating, but the only way to find out if we can rock them, is by taking chances and wearing them.
To me, an easy way to wear white kicks stylishly is by pairing them with slick pieces and feminine garments, or a combination of both.
Today what you seeing is a brand new pair of all-white sneakers, which by the way, made me feel like a kid again.

I wanted to style them with so many fun combinations, but since the weather is still cold, I decided to wear them with winter-friendly pieces.
What I had in mind was a comfortable look from head to toe, but at the same time, I did not want to look sloppy and careless. All of a sudden, a black and white look seemed like a great idea, however, I wanted to add a touch warmness, but not only color-wise; I also needed a warm coat to keep me warm while "touring" around town. Well, I ended up wearing a mixed pattern outfit with matching bag and shoe color. The coat is vintage and it has a very feminine style, so I thought it was a great piece to add juxtaposition.


Sneakers: Adidas. Available here.
Coat: Vintage. Similar here.
Shirt: Collective Concepts (old).
Pants: Tahari
Sunglasses: Tom Ford.

White kicks street style

Adidas superstar sneakers street style

White kicks street style

The souvenir t-shirt tucked inside old shapeless jeans isn't the only characteristic that give tourists away. Taking a map and reading it on every street you go is also a big giveaway, so my boyfriend and I decided to add some humor to this photoshoot, by purchasing one at a local Shell gas station and using it in almost every shot.

Fur coat with sneakers street style

Adidas superstar sneakers all white

White sneakers trend

Bull's Tavern Winston-Salem

Leopard with stripes street style

Cropped pants with sneakers street style

White bag street style



  1. Love these photos! You managed to capture the movement perfectly :) and great job on making the outfit work!! I'm still hesitant about white sneakers, but I think I should try...

    Christina ♥

    1. Thanks Christina! Try at the store with an outfit that you would wear with flats, then have someone take a picture o take it yourself in front of a mirror. Then if you like what you see, give'm the world ;-)

  2. What great photos! I never look this stylish when I'm being a tourist. Think I need to up my game!!

    1. Hard to believe that, Niki!! You always look great.

  3. Nice article. To tell the truth, sneakers (especially white) have become a fashion statement for both men and women.They are very universal and look always elegant

    1. I agree Emma! and choices are endless nowadays.


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