Monday Work Outfit - How To Wear Clogs To The Office

March 26, 2018

As I promised you in my last blog post, today's Monday Work Outfit was styled with the same fabulous/versatile shirt and bag from my previous look. I also said that I was going to pair them with unexpected shoes.
I'm a firm believer that dressing for work doesn't have to be boring, but in order to achieve that, sometimes we must venture a little bit outside the box when putting our outfits together.
I know clogs aren't everyone's cup of tea, but in my opinion, it's a classic shoe that, besides being very comfortable, they can add a touch fun to any look. That being said, if you work for a very strict dress code corporation or a company that doesn't allow open-back shoes for safety reasons, you might not be able to get away wearing them. But for the rest of us, can we really look good and yet professional wearing clogs to work? Yes, we can!! and regardless of the heel height, it's quite simple how to style them too.

As you can see from this look, I chose to wear high platform clogs and, simply because I recently realized that I like them even more than the lower heel style and yet, they are equally comfortable.
In order to make them look professional, I styled them with very classic and polished garments. However, you might also notice that I paired them with a bag that isn't very formal. I chose this bag because it has clean lines, despite being made of straw, and it also plays along with the bohemian/Spring vibe of the clogs without stealing their thunder.
For this look, I decided to go jewelry free, because, in my opinion, the studs on my clogs were more than enough bling. Remember, dressing fun for work is about trying new things but also keeping a good balance with your overall ensemble.

I hope you enjoyed this Monday Work Outfit and by the way, how you like my new blog template? My blog was ready for a more modern and yet responsive new look.

Blazer: JD Williams/Shirt: J. Crew/Pants:Tahari ASL/Shoes: Ellie Tahari/Bag: Joseph D'ragazzo/Sunglasses: Tom Ford.

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