Honeymoon Diary: Easy Mornings

May 18, 2016

El Convento Hotel Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Three things are a must for me to achieve a good night sleep or even a nap, and those are a cozy bedroom, a good bed, and comfortable sleepwear. Even on my honeymoon away from home, I had to consider those three facts, so I made sure the beds and the ambiance of our room were cozy enough to feel like at home. When I travel, I don't need to have a luxurious room and as a matter of fact, I prefer a cozy and one of a kind place like a bed and breakfast, old historic hotels, and now I've even started considering Airbnb rentals. However, even if it's a cozy place, if I didn't bring comfortable sleepwear,  I will not feel at home away from home. At least, that's the feel I like to achieve when staying out of town.

Outfit with pajamas

My mornings in our hotel in Puerto Rico were calm, and I even had a chance to get a couple of hours nap in the afternoon after a hike in the countryside. NeedhamLane.com kindly provided me with the perfect 100% cotton sleepwear which came in handy for the humid mornings of my honeymoon in Puerto Rico. I've wanted to do a sleepwear photoshoot for a long time because honestly, I spend a lot of hours in my pajamas (cooking breakfast, watching movies..., etc.) every day. And what better opportunity to show you my favorite style of sleepwear than from my honeymoon? Some of you might think pajamas, in general, aren't sexy, but for me, I feel sexier in my cotton pajamas than a skimpy silk nightgown. Sure, I own a few of them, but they don't stay on too long...I quickly put back on my cozy pajamas that will assure me a great sleep.

We had rainy mornings in Puerto Rico, but just for a couple of hours; then after that, sunny, beautiful sunny days were ahead of us.

Honeymoon in Puerto Rico

Honeymoon In Puerto Rico

In the mornings, nothing sounded better than a cup of coffee in hand while touring around our historic hotel "El Convento". My pajamas were decent enough to walk out of our room, besides, nowadays, with the pajama trend, no one can ever know if you're wearing your actual pajamas or a pajama-inspired outfit.

Pajamas street style

Stylish pajamas

As I said in my previous post, cats are everywhere in Old San Juan. Click here if you want to read a little bit more about the purpose of the cats at the Old San Juan. My husband and I couldn't stop taking pictures and videos of the beautiful, friendly animals. In my opinion, they are an enchanting touch to this old but picturesque town.

Puerto Rican Vacation

Honeymoon fashion

Pajamas fashion style

Honeymoon Style

Outfit with stylish pajamas

Honeymoon editorial

Needham Lane Pajamas

Stylish pajamas outfit

Needham Lane Sleepwear

White pajamas

Pajamas: c/o NeedhamLane.com. Buy here.
Sandals: Marni.
Sunglasses: Kate Spade.


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