The Jean Style That I Will Never Give Up On.

February 1, 2017

Bell bottoms street style

There are garments that, regardless of their popularity, they always will be a part of my wardrobe. Trends come and go and I personally love to enjoy some of them, however, I don't always agree in giving up to styles that we love just because they are not trending anymore.
There are two jean styles that I will always keep in my wardrobe and one of them is the flared or bell bottom.
Every year, I try to purge old pairs of jeans and replace them with a new fresh pair. This year, I got rid of 2 flared jeans with a thicker fabric (my wardrobe shopping rules) and I welcomed this new pair with a much more comfortable fit. I've been a huge fan of J. Brand "Maria" jeans and since I love the fit and fabric of their skinny styles, I decided to give their flared style a try.

How to wear bell bottom jeans

I'm completely in love with this style as well. I can't believe how comfortable they are and how well it hugs curves. I like my bell bottom jeans very long because they elongate my lower body, so as you can see I don't mind just showing the tip of my shoes (Learned from Jessica Simpson) with these styles. In my opinion, if you love something and you feel sexy, stylish and comfortable with it, don't pay attention to the trends and wear it. You can always give them an up-to-date touch by wearing them with your new pieces.

Head scarf street style

The day of this photoshoot was very windy so, for a change, instead of wearing a beanie or a beret, I wrapped my hair with one of my favorite scarves.

Bell bottom jeans street style

Bell bottom jeans

Outfit idea with bell bottom jeans

Bell bottom jeans street style

Bell bottom jeans street style

Outfit with long bell bottom jeans

Outfit with bell bottom jeans


  1. Joy Shiness5:04 PM

    Nice outfit !


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