A Simple Work Outfit With Khaki Pants

June 13, 2018

I've had several requests from readers about sharing work outfits, not only on Mondays but also during the week. So, I will try my best to please, however, they'll all be placed under "Monday Work Outfit" category.
Styling khaki pants is by far, the easiest fashion task. I don't know of any other pant that can be as smart, versatile and fashionable as khaki pants. Once you find the right style for you, the sky is the limit. I personally love wide-legged styles, however, I also wear other styles that flatter my body type such as the straight leg.
Today I did the most popular styling with my new khaki pants. Yes, pairing them with a white crisp oxford shirt is by far the easiest way to style them.

For this outfit, I wanted to keep a very simple styling and yet fun. A khaki pants and white button-down combo sometimes doesn't need too many accessories in order to stand out. We just have to be clever choosing a few but bold pieces that will enhance this serene combo. As you see, I opted for a leopard bag, bold gold but minimalist jewelry and shoes with a powerful color such as red. You probably are thinking this look could have been benefited with a belt, but for this particular outfit, I wanted an elongating and slimming effect. As much as I love wearing things belted, I don't discard the benefits of sometimes skipping it for a smoother effect. I guarantee you that no one will resent you at work for leaving your belt at home 👌

Pants: Save Khaki United/Oxford shirt: LL. Bean/Shoes: Christian Louboutin/Necklace: Vintage/Earrings: Argento Vivo/Sunglasses: Chanel.

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