A Touch Of Purple With Satin Glove Heels

March 15, 2017

Purple is a color that I don't wear very often. Even though purple is related to royalty, every time I try to wear a solid purple garment, I can't stop thinking about Barney & Friends; yes, the children's television show. Sometimes I even feel a tad costumey (Christmas, Mardi-Gras or Easter) wearing too much purple. Every time I've acquired something in purple, I probably wore it once, then I ended up giving it away or selling it. I'm much better at wearing purple when it's mixed with other colors in a pattern like in this Chloe dress.

One of my fashion resolutions for this year is to embrace more feminine colors, such as all shade of pink and purple. Pink was very easy for me to embrace; in fact, I can't stop wearing it these days, but with purple, I have to approach it differently.
This time, instead of pushing myself on wearing a lot of purple at once, I decided to wear it in a small dose. It's a less overwhelming approach and yet still noticeable and is a clever way to introduce a new color to our wardrobes.

These retro YSL pumps are another vintage score that I found brand new. I love the glove shape and satin material because it's a refreshing break from traditional cut pumps. I was surprisingly attracted by this shade of purple and maybe it's because the satin material makes it look very vibrant and yet delicate. They remind me of Balenciaga's or Vetements' pumps, which are so slick and chic.
For this opportunity, I decided to wear my purple pumps with army green and camel in order to create a striking contrast.


Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent. (vintage)/Coat: Zara/Pants: H&M/Shirt: Equipment/Scarf: H&M/Bag: Kate Spade/Sunglasses: Givenchy (vintage).


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