Monday Work Outfit - Would You Wear Dresses Over Pants To Work?

April 9, 2018

Expressing in full force our creativity when dressing up for work can be tricky, mainly when if you are a maximalist and you have a strict dress code at work.  That being said, there are ways to bring fun to work attire without breaking any dress code rules or looking unprofessional.
For example last week, I was in the mood for creating a look with my newest shirtdress over pants. At first, I thought of a casual look and I had jeans on my mind. Yes, that's a look that we've seen a lot of lately - nothing new. I immediately moved to another idea and it was about creating a look with the same concept but aligned with professional dressing.

I've said before, that when you wear classic pieces, it's easier to get away with extra creativity and still manage to look polished. I follow my belief with this look as well by pairing my dress with clean line pants, shoes, belt and, bag in order to conform in an office setting. I did play a little bit with my jewelry by wearing golden vintage pieces with interesting designs such as a bamboo-inspired choker and textured heart-shaped earrings.

In my opinion, shirtdresses are the best candidates to wear over pants or shorts, however, you can also recreate this look with wrap dresses or dresses with slits as well. When styling this look for work, you can also play with proportions. As you can see, instead of wearing a pair of fitted dress pants (which I think is a good pairing as well) I decided to wear a pair of roomy peg pants and a boyfriend blazer. Both pieces, besides adding a professional but relaxed feel to my look, they injected a touch of masculinity.

So what do you think about this styling and would you try this for work? Share with us your thoughts in the comments area below
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Dress: Brooks Brothers/Blazer: Banana Republic/Pants: Topshop/Shoes: Christian Louboutin/Bag: Mansur Gavriel/Sunglasses: Coach/Belt: Vintage/Jewelry: Vintage. 


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