It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

May 2, 2018

I know it has been several days since I last posted on my blog. The last few days had been hectic and extremely sad. My husband recently had a surgery and while he was recovering from that, we also had to say goodbye to our loving dog Elvis. This has been very tough for me and my family. He was like a son to me and a brother to my sons. Even though our Sweet Elvis had a wonderful long life (almost 19 years), it's still hard to accept the fact that he is gone and he will not come back. We are going through our grieving process, which is hard, very hard.
My family and I like to thank everyone that contacted us over Instagram stories and over email with sweet and comforting words. We really appreciate that you were thinking of us in this sad time.
Below I'm sharing a few photos of my pooch. He was so handsome and full of life.

I love this photo above because, besides being recent, he was showing all his unconditional love to me.

On his 18th birthday, my husband and I bought cupcakes and had a party for him. He was so sweet and patient to pose for several photos before he finally gave in to the cupcakes.

They say that sunsets are proof that endings can sometimes be beautiful. One thing I know is that he had a peaceful time going to a better place.

Elvis loved cold weather, as he was the most energetic in Fall and Winter. We had the best shots together around that time of year. Snow was his best toy.

Below is a photo of Adobe who left us 4 years ago, and Elvis. They were always together and both had no problem in posing for the camera. Losing our two dogs in four years is tough...we loved them so very much.

Our hearts are very sore again for the loss of one of our boys. We miss him terribly already.
RIP Elvis José 💙

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