My New Black Tote With An All-Black Outfit

July 9, 2018

Hi, lovelies!! Here I am showing you a look styled around my new black tote. If you remember that in this post I told you that I've purged several bags from my wardrobe in order to acquire a couple that definitely will get more use. Well, for a black tote I decided to get the Everlane Day Market bag. As I mentioned before, I needed a bag a tad more polished than my tan one and yet casual enough to wear on my off-duty days. So far, I'm happy with both of my choices, because they're both versatile and compliment my wardrobe. They are also classic, with clean lines and definitely well-made.
If you want to see a quick review of these bags and a comparison, you're welcome to visit my Instagram account and look for a highlight named "Reviews"

The day I wore this look was around 90 degrees. You probably will think that wearing all-black in Summer is a no-no. However, in my opinion, this is an old myth that should be ignored. Black can be as refreshing as any other color. In another words, you shouldn't pay attention to the colors you wear in summer, instead, consider the fabric. As you can see, I'm wearing a very flowy dress made of light fabric. My hat is also appropriate because it's made of thin and loose woven straw. Open shoes can also make a difference keeping an all-black outfit perfect for the heat. For this ensemble, I decided to wear one small pop of color which I believe almost stole my new tote's thunder.

Tote: Everlane/Dress: Loft/Sandals: M. Gemi/Hat: Vintage/Earrings: Vintage/Sunglasses: Kate Spade. 


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