A Toast To Muumuu Dresses

July 25, 2018

I know muumuu dresses have the reputation of being unsexy and unflattering. In fact, the very purpose of muumuus was exactly to conceal beauty. Maybe you didn't know, but the muumuu (mu'umu'u) dress was created by Christian missionaries to cover up the overpouring sexiness of the Hawaiian women during the Hulu rituals back in the 1820's. Yep, and maybe that's why many people (mainly men) find it unflattering.
I remember growing up seeing my mom wearing muumuu dresses (called "bata" in Spanish) around the house. I personally found them very matronly for my taste. But, what do you know, today I'm wearing a muumuu dress almost identical to the one my mom used to wear.

As you can see, I decided to bring some shape to my muumuu dress by belting it. I like to wear it around my house without the belt, just like the way my mom used to do it. I also accessorized the dress with a wide-brimmed Panama hat, white sandals and, matching earrings. All these cute accessories made my muumuu look more appropriate even for a day to wine country. I must confess that my husband and my sons have been making jokes about my muumuu, but the truth is, I love it and I will continue wearing it because I feel so comfy in it.

Now let me tell you about this winery. The name is Junius Lindsay Vineyard, located in Yadkin Valley in North Carolina. This is a very small vineyard but with a lot of charm and delicious French-style wines, which are my favorites. On a hot Summer day, my husband and I gravitate toward chilled white wines such as Viognier. While doing this photo shoot, I enjoyed a glass of their refreshing Viognier and bought a bottle along with their Syrah Reserve to take home.

Remember, for more casual looks photographed in wine country visit my Wine Country Style category.

Dress: Vintage/Sandals: By far/Bag: WP Standard/Belt: Vintage/Sunglasses: Tom Ford.


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