A Fabulous Sheath Dress And A Strong Color Combo

September 12, 2018

The sheath dress I'm wearing today has been on my needlist for a long time. I've been wanting to replace my old shift lace dress for something better constructed, classier and more shapely style. A dress that would take me to date nights with my husband, cocktail nights with friends or any special event that I want to feel classy and yet feminine.
Last week, I wore it for a date night with husband to celebrate our monthlyversary. Yes, we celebrate those every month. It's a good excuse to dress up and have special night with our loved one.
I decided to style it with a powerful color such as red. Black and red combo is a strong contrast that obviously isn't for the shy fashionista. Even though black is a great color to wear if you don't want to stand out, wearing it with a passionate color like red makes it totally noticeable and striking.

I'm definitely not a shy person, so I found this combo perfect for my personality and also great to wear to a date with confident men such as my husband. He loved the look and he was more than willing to snap a couple more photos than usual, despite the hot and humid weather.

Dress: Ralph Lauren/Shoes: Christian Louboutin/Bag: Vintage/Sunglasses: YSL/Scarf: Vintage. 

These last few photos were taken after dinner and before drinks. I styled my scarf differently because the wind started picking up and I loved the feel of having the scarf flowing in the back - just like if I was wearing a cape. A small change made this outfit look cocktails-ready and in my opinion, even more flirtatious.
Notice that even if I only wore two colors, I managed to play around with textures and patterns. I love to do this because I feel like it makes my outfit look more dimensional.


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